Yang Dominance

A surplus of male energy in religion and spirituality

“There is more male Yang energy than female Yin energy and the result is that more value is given to outer form, at the expense of inner values.” What are the effects of this and how does this manifest itself within spirituality?

The clearest example of the now global effect of a surplus of Yang energy in Humanity can be found in the (forced) change of lifestyle of some American indigenous peoples, Natives. Before the “white” human invasion, they did not have a permanent place of residence but traveled through the land and lived from what “The Great Spirit” gave them, and were aware of energies behind all visible forms (the “Spirits” of the four winds, of rivers, of mountains, of animals and of deceased tribesmen) and respected it.

With their surplus of Yang energy, whites put an end to this form of life. Land was divided into pieces and became the property of (mostly) white people who, independently of the Great Spirit, could provide their own food and we still can. The indigenous population was assigned a place in a reserve, making a nomadic existence and life of nature impossible. Owning land, food and money entails inequality and lack and requires borders, rules and laws and their enforcement. The lives of the people of North America changed from trust and surrender (in and to unity), to control and enforcement to maintain the apparent order. It changed from Living to surviving.

This development was unavoidable and was actually started when the forerunners of people started to walk upright. By walking on 2 instead of 4 legs we have adopted a vertical body position, the vertical “line” of the male + symbol. This change has had an enormous impact on our further physical, psychological and spiritual development.

The male (+) symbol has a vertical and a horizontal line, it represents both fire and air the positive charged elements. The female symbol (-) represents water and earth, the negative charged elements. In the + symbol in fact all elements are represented however, the male (+) energy is dominant over the female (-) Yin energy, this is inherent in their properties. Under the influence of positive charged energy, mankind has controlled the world and categorized and divided it into boxes, established rules and laws, and thereby also created more and more religious and spiritual differences and created a hierarchy in them.

In spirituality and religion the Yang dominance expresses itself by a lack of trust and complex and confusing feelings of fear and this combination is a breeding ground for the need for an overall control by outer form and spiritual guidance in ‘clan’ formation and creating group-binding rules and activities such as rituals, specified and sometimes strict precepts, dogmas, absolute spiritual beliefs and a clear hierarchy.

When we are connected in such a clan, the “group spirit” appeals to our own inner Yang dominance and gets a very seductive appearance from which spiritual ambition, polarization and a desire for status can emerge within ourselves.

The process of spiritual awakening is initiated by universal energy of spiritual life, Spiritual Fire; this is subtle electricity that, if we are open and willing, can tear the veils off our eyes and offer opportunities for continuing spiritual development and gaining profound insights. However, we must realize (!) that further development does not happen automatically. We were born and grew up in this energetically male dominant world. We are very self-sufficient and tend to take control of our own spiritual development. We are seriously addicted to the Yang energy; we are impressed by the ‘form’ that makes us tend to imitate externalities, instead of internalizing our receptiveness. In general, we ‘want and need’ of everything and we have the urge to ‘do’ (act), that’s how we were raised and that’s how our culture is.

We have a problem with finding an inner attitude of trusting and surrendering.

In general we are easily distracted and we are full of assumptions, beliefs and prejudices, these are a kind of inner self-incantations that we have gained over time and come from experiences, upbringing and what we have heard or read and instilled about spirituality and religion; self-incantations manipulate us from within. Awareness of all these suppressive elements and the psychic mechanisms that result from it, brings self-knowledge and recognizing and releasing them one by one brings psychological self-liberation.

There is no spiritual supreme being outside of our own being who selects us and answers our prayers or will punish us; all judgments and convictions are in ourselves. We may need to find the intention and motivation for discovering our inner universe and “learn” how we can bring in the female water- and earth energies to find the trust to open ourselves up to “receive” inspiration from our Soul and to surrender to Her subtle guidance. Spiritual intimacy takes place between our deepest ‘individuality’ and the Soul and is a choice that comes from a complete understanding of what we long for.

Spiritual deepening and intimacy are an inner search for an inner “feeling attitude” in which our perception becomes intuitively receptive to the energetic reality of the Soul and to the energetic reality behind the forms of physical reality. This is a spiritual exercise in simultaneously focusing attention and staying “centered” with everything you do; perceive from your center. Centering is bringing the perception deep into the body at the level of the heart center (instead of in the head), the point of subtle energetically feeling lies deep within the area of the sacral chakra. This exercise can be performed anywhere and at the same time with all daily activities.

Our inner control and manipulation are usually an automatic reaction. If we have been doing this from an early age and we have always relied on it, then consciously letting go of inner control can evoke anxious and uncertain feelings. Always treat yourself with gentleness, patience and consideration; take yourself as a child by the hand and “lead” yourself to a loving stable foundation of trust and receptiveness.

Our microcosm is an individual universe; everything we need for spiritual depth is present in it. The only thing that hinders us is our personality, the psyche. Psyche and body are intimately intertwined with each other and it is the psyche that influences the body. Thoughts and feelings are energy and have certain energetic charges, ultimate subtle vibrations that influence the endocrine gland system in the body. This hormonal system controls all bodily processes. The glands in the system are delicately coordinated. They form the energetic basis of our character.

There are some esoteric “systems” that can contribute to the acquisition of self-knowledge and provide insight into how we use our energy. These include Astrology, and the teachings of the chakras and the chakra system.

The horoscope is a schematic representation of the solar system at the time of our birth and gives a global overview of our character and use of energy.

The chakra teachings bring insights into the relationship between the endocrine glands in the body and the psyche and gives a schematic subdivision of the human personality.

Kirsten September