The greatest spiritual challenge

The greatest challenge for all spiritual seekers and not only spiritual teachers and therapists, is to find a 100% commitment to spiritual development without any intention; developing an inner attitude of Wu Wei; an inner quality of self-forgetfulness.

Ambition must be converted into dedication or Love. Do your best to no longer do your best and still be fully focused on getting hold of a meditative presence in every moment. Initially, this requires constant awareness of what thoughts are running through your head, and of your grounding and centering.

The second major challenge for all spiritual teachers is to make their students independent of them! Inspire students to a greater spiritual autonomy and authenticity and how they can transform ambition into dedication, teach them to shift the leading role of Solar Plexus to their own Heart Center. The condition is that you as a spiritual teacher have mastered the inner quality of Wu Wei, otherwise you do not know what it is about.

Spiritual Enlightenment can be done in an instant. Finding self-forgetfulness is all the more difficult, the ‘I’ keeps popping up and suppression of the ‘I’ thought will only reinforce the need for control and encourage self-manipulation and self-deception.

If a nice title is promised when taking a course, finding motivation is easy. If there is nothing with which we can achieve tangible results in this society, it is a lot more difficult.

Our problem is that our minds are stuck in cultural and social structures and statuses and that we have to make a living. However, complete dedication to spiritual development is possible in all circumstances, in all professions and during all activities.

In the course of our personal evolution, we have become status sensitive in the deepest psychic layers, and that is still troubling us today.

When Holy Fire turns into sheer ambition; Intoxication by spiritual Fire.

Quote from the Gospel of Thomas:

13 Jesus said to his disciples, “Compare me to something and tell me what I am like.”

Simon Peter said to him, “You are like a just messenger.”

Matthew said to him, “You are like a wise philosopher.”

Thomas said to him, “Teacher, my mouth is utterly unable to say what you are like.”

Jesus said, “I am not your teacher. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring that I have tended.”

And he took him, and withdrew, and spoke three sayings to him. When Thomas came back to his friends, they asked him, “What did Jesus say to you?”

Thomas said to them, “If I tell you one of the sayings, he spoke to me, you will pick up rocks and stone me, and fire will come from the rocks and devour you.”

Translation; Patterson and Meyer

Spiritual enlightenment is a phase in spiritual development. However, it brings exciting and exuberant feelings that can distract someone from one’s own spiritual development. They arouse the ambition to develop the newly acquired insights into society.

Spiritual Fire is a by-product of spiritual Enlightenment, it “kindles” in our being through a conversion of universal life energy into spiritual Fire; Chi or Prana becomes Kundalini and is body-bound.

Spiritual Fire is absent from our world, it only* exists within a human being with an awakened heart. We are not used to the physical and emotional sensations that the energy of spiritual fire brings with it; at first our ability to judge becomes intoxicated. In our excessively Yang-laden society, Spiritual Fire can easily turn into feelings of intense ambition and a need for spiritual status.

Letting go of the outer teacher.

All of humanity is between two great Eras, that of Pisces and of Aquarius. As it were, we are on the threshold to take the next steps in spiritual development, namely, to learn to ‘walk’ freely from outer spiritual guides and to trust in the inner teacher, the inner Mentor and that involves trial and error.

Letting go of the outer Teacher and of our ‘role’ as a spiritual Teacher is a process of developing spiritual confidence and letting go of all spiritual meaning. Status and meaning are man-designed things to serve as a beacon when we really needed it as Humanity. Letting go however is easier said than done, we have been profoundly and widespread moulded by our society and religious and spiritual culture. 

Now we have turned spirituality into a product and isolated it from a continuation of personal development. In principle, you do not need external spiritual guidance that follows and if necessary, adjusts your spiritual awakening and development process. It is the personality that wants to be encouraged and be seen. We are created as a unity and everything we need for our spiritual development is within ourselves, we only need to find an inner drive to inwardly moving on in our intuitive and meditative evolvement.

An awakened heart can develop into an inner Mentor. Internally we need to make a transition to unconditionality, intuitive and spiritual development for no specific purpose and propelled by a dedication, Love, to unlocking the inner source and that implies a dedication to a growing spiritual autonomy and authenticity. Wu Wei or “Do without any intention”.

A second major challenge for all spiritual teachers is to encourage their students and followers to learn to stand on their own spiritual feet; stimulating spiritual autonomy and authenticity! In my experience the most important message that a teacher can give to his or her students is that the ‘source’ is present in each of us and that it needs to be found by ourselves. A teacher can only indicate, not lead.

Spiritual self-confidence and ” Do without any intention ” are inner attitudes, which grow through dedication to intuitive development, a receptive meditative presence and awareness in every moment. This attitude of sheer devotion develops spiritual intimacy within us, a most fulfilling inner closeness with the spiritual Soul.

Kirsten May 2020