Diving deeply into the field of the unconsciousness

Initiating an inner sanctuary

Each spiritual Initiation is a matter of ‘receiving’; spiritual development is essentially discovering how psychological to open in order to free from the gravitational forces of the Matrix.

Essentially the direction of our path in life, our life’s program, comes from deep within, from the unconsciousness. The motivations and intentions that propel us through life lie in this, for a great deal hidden, part of the personality.

Superficially striving for growth and active acquiring of knowledge forms the personality. In energetic sense the personality is a composed energetic field and superficially ‘formed’ from the outside in through upbringing, education and following people or trends. And to a certain extend also formed through spiritual/religious education and by following spiritual/religious teachers. They can point out the way. The ‘receiving mode’ however, can only be found within oneself.

Initiation of the inner sanctuary is by ‘receiving’. Unto the deepest and darkest levels of the psyche it is the personality (and all of her mechanisms) that block and prevent reception. The main -Matrix- barrier making a full reconnection with the Soul impossible lies in the deepest levels of the psyche.


The artificial ego

The individual Soul-searcher eventually comes in contact with his or her archaic remains, a complex composite energetic field that is within the deeper (older) layers of the psyche, it is the basis of an artificial part of the self.

Basically the artificial ego is an inner Idol, an Archetype, a psychological projection of an image of spiritual mastery and can be of any spiritual or religious origin.

In energetic sense, the image is loaded with a complex collection of spiritual concepts (including dogma’s) and very deep feelings that reflect how we appreciate our spiritual or religious disposition and development.

When we get to ‘know’ our own inner Idol we usually are deeply impressed. Our own Idol can be recognized through reflection of the Inner Idol of an advanced spiritual individual. There may be intense or even life-changing feelings and we may very easily become under its spell; the nature of an inner Idol is charismatic, alluring, hypnotic and highly addictive.

Our main driving factor for living, choosing, acting and creating is in the depths of our (primal) psyche. If we forget that we only play a role to provide livelihood, and fully identify with the image then from our own perspective we become the Idol and get stuck in the spell.

The inner Idol projection can ‘grow’ into such enormous (Mythical) proportions that we may start to believe we have become God Himself.

The artificial ego is connected to the instincts of spiritual self-preservation. Spiritual self-preservation equals urges of physical survival; we have become the Idol and when we loose that status, we loose our self. Once under the spell of an Idol, the ambition may ignite a true mythical clash between rivals within spiritual or religious circles.

This psychological mechanism stirs latent spiritual ambition; we cannot accept ourselves as we are. Instead we can crave as spiritually developed or even as ‘Master’ to be recognized. Within groups of people or even within groups of kindred spirits the artificial ego brings discrimination and inequality.

Identification with the artificial Ego forms the deepest root in the energetic Matrix Field to overcome. The artificial ego is the last and main barrier that is between the Matrix and the freedom of the Soul, and also the main cause of rivalry between peoples of different religious and spiritual origin.


Recommendations for coalesce with the Soul. Aligning and purging the receiving ‘mode’.

Within the depths of our psyche are two opposite desires: one desire to differentiate or even to outshine in spiritual mastery, and one desire to connect, or even coalesce to become One (with ‘God’). These two desires radiate craving energies each originating from opposite sources; they either attract towards the gravitational forces of the Matrix, or towards the ultimate subtle energies of the Soul.

Scrutinize intentions and motivations; do they arise from ambition to outshine in some way in spirituality, or do they arise from love for the One Spiritual Unity?

Be completely honest with yourself and remove those rose-colored glasses with all supposed good intentions of bringing Love, and Light to the world.

Learn to be a caring, patient and forgiving (inner) parent for yourself and learn to be profoundly present (centered) within your own being.

Align your focus. While diving deeper inside, you will approach profound instincts of psychological archetypal survival and psychological ‘forces’ will increase in strength and tenacity! One may need to remember on a daily basis it is the psyche that tends to divide and separate into a hierarchical order, while the individual Soul and the group Soul are one and the same; any object or space can be loaded with the thought-energy of ‘Unity through equality, fellowship and freedom of the Soul’ and be used as a remembrance anchor.

Work towards energetic balance in the chakras and chakra system, and self-knowledge through meditation and by developing a calm conscious and intuitive presence in every moment.

Be conscious of the facts that ‘coalescing with the Soul’ comes from free will and from positive ‘Soul-approaching’ choices. Inner resisting and fighting “against” will only strengthen the inner blockades. All energies that may hinder you in any way are inside yourself; they are reflected in the energetic fields of other people. Just accept that your hindrances proclaim their presence to you.

Kirsten de Groot


“In – or Out of Phase” that’s the question.

The Holistic view

Creation is an energetic unity in which all the different elements hold visible and invisible, tangible and transcendental relations with each other. These relations may get disclosure or remain undetected.

Universal energy of Life is a “Life”-giving transcendental substance, which is a form of ultimate subtle electricity. This transcendental energy is the origin of Creation and ensures all its creatures can live, move and constantly continue to evolve.

Subtle electricity, “Life”, is ultimate subtle energy that moves between positive (Yang or the universal masculine) and negative (Yin or the universal feminine) charged elements (poles).

“Life” is an imperceptible (transcendental) always-flowing and omnipresent energy that may express itself through the physical Creation.

“Life” is eternal; the origin of subtle electricity is in the Genesis of the entire Universe.

“Life” that is flowing through the physical Creation is cyclic; it begins, evolves, ends and begins again.

Within all creatures and elements of the physical Universe, the two universal elements Yang and Yin always stand in a certain ratio towards each other. There is no Yin – or Yang pole that stands absolutely on its own.


True Attractiveness

The natural tendency of mutual attraction of the two poles (Yin and Yang) is to get into an energetic balance with each other. Physical plant and animal life instinctively follow the energetic “rules” within Creation. The law of cause and effect (the law of Karma) is based on the natural tendency of the two ultimate basic charged poles.

Within the whole of Creation, the human mind is the only element that may make a choice between a rational or intuitive decision to follow or to ignore or discard the energetic law.

It is the human mind that needs an inner positive surrender towards the always flowing and omnipresent transcendental energy.

Karma is an energetic Yin-Yang imbalance within the chakras and the energetic chakra system. The energetic chakra system is the radiation of the nerve system that is connected with the hormonal gland system. The hormonal gland system is the bearer of our character and disposition.

The physical ‘follows’ the immaterial. Our thoughts have a certain influence over our whole being.

Energetic imbalances are reflected through our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ‘response’ on the input of our living environment.

Yin and Yang each have own driving force qualities; more of ‘Yin’ is slowing down even towards inactivity; more ‘Yang’ is speeding up towards a more active or even quick action.

Acquiring energetic balance in all chakras is through right understanding of (profound levels of) our psyche and how we respond to circumstances. We may receive equilibrium through right understanding of what specific actions we need to use and when.


Kirsten de Groot

Energetic group dynamics; Cooperation with the Soul part II

The old ways of spiritual development and religion function through mutual dependency, the leader needs a follower and the follower needs a leader. Our current society throughout is profoundly based on these bonding dependencies.

The “group attitude” profoundly is embedded in our system.

The physical body and personality of the Soul are subjected to the gravitational forces of both social and spiritual groups within the Matrix society; the Soul is bound to Earth.

Within the Matrix reality the energetic group dynamics essentially are from primal origin and as a consequence especially religious and spiritual group dynamics make an appeal to primal parts within our psyche.

Every spiritual and religious (and social) group forms a specific charged energetic field of interest.

Energetic fields of Interest each hold their own belief systems (dogma’s) and rituals.

The coherence of these fields depends on gravitational forces of the group dynamics, mutual monitoring (defending the group spirit) and repetition of rituals (ratifying their specific bond).

Dedication to a spiritual or religious group or towards their rituals serves the self to stay in connection with this specific ‘field of interest’. This relationship shows significant hypnotic and addictive qualifications. The energies within such fields appeal to our inner needs of ‘Love and Light’ and to the expectations we hold about spirituality and religion; they obstruct a clear vision of our third eye. (Confusing emotional feelings with intuitive impulses; “It feels so good”.)


Dedication towards developing inner silence and inner space serves the Soul.

Inner silence arises from a long-term meditative attitude.

Inner space arises from universalization of the, in spiritual religious sense, meaningful content of our psychological being.

Universalization is a process of recognizing and letting go of all our internal assumptions, notions, convictions and beliefs of God and our relation to God, that are imbedded in our being.

Cooperation with the Soul develops (can only develop) from free will and understanding.

Re-connection with the soul is an intuitive endeavor. It is based on finding our inner universe through energetic equilibrium of all Yin and Yang elements on all levels of our physical and psychological being. We may need our living environment (The Matrix) to function as an energetic mirror bringing remaining energetic imbalances in one or more chakras to our recognition.

The individual universal Soul and the universal Group Soul are one and the same.

The Aquarius Age is the age of the arising of transcendental group dynamics, global transcendental group work based on equality, freedom and love.

Kirsten de Groot, august 2018



Cooperation with the Soul

The Inner Sanctuary

Soul re-connection is solidarity with all of mankind. Soul re-connection is an internal process of universalization of the contents of the microcosm in which two main streams can be defined: – The individual perspective moves from ‘personal’ towards ‘impersonal’ and, – Moves from ‘exclusive’ towards ‘inclusive’.

Following the Path is a sheer soul matter; we learn to cooperate with the soul. The usually outward-facing focus turns inwards and activates the intuitive senses and opens inner communicative telepathic channels. A meditative consciousness enables to hold on a centered composed and focused awareness so that we can perceive even the subtlest energetic response of our being on the Matrix ‘ input ‘ and anticipate in any way if we feel the need to.

Recovering energetic balance is always a recovering between Yin and Yang loads in the energetic chakra system. This system is an energetic expression of our personality. By choosing the right loaded energy in actions and expressions, and at the right time, we create an inner energetic movement within the chakra system, balance within the chakras, and ultimately balance in profound psychological depths.

Thoughts are loaded energy. Energy shapes.

The universalization process is initiated and propelled by inner intentions and motives and supported by a meditative attention and presence in every moment. Intention directs and attention connects. Both intention and attention combined form a powerful inner invocation for creating an inner sanctuary. Meditative attention in every moment develops an intimate inner relationship with the soul. Intuitive impulses are expressions and guidance of this relationship.


Energetic fields of interests

The Matrix is the overall living environment, culture or society and is completely and literally ‘man-made’ (made by man). Even the religious and spiritual scriptures are a cultural part of the Matrix and were ever created by inspired people.

Essentially the attractions of the Matrix are energetic by nature. Inner energetic imbalances attract energies to get back into balance. ‘Karma’ is an energetic state of imbalance and essentially karma is impersonal. The psyche (our personality) however is attached to the contents and meanings of those attracting energies; the psyche is attached to karma.

Physically people are single entities. Psychologically people are connected and focused on each other to stay connected. In psychological energetic sense there is a close mutual demanding ‘bind’ between all people. People are a social part of the Matrix.

Binds in the Matrix are conditional and exclusive; they bind to specific families, tribes, clans, groups, and communities and exclude people who do not fit in. Matrix-binds are personal and exclusive and this may make them highly desirable.

In Matrix spirituality the binds are spiritual and religious dogmas, rituals or convictions and are the specific spiritual/religious anchors (life-lines) in the field of interest that one may feel to be connected to; our spiritual family.


The Soul

The individual soul and group soul (Mankind) are one and the same. The seven different chakra frequencies each vibrate in their ‘own’ realms and only differentiate in minor sense on an individual personal level. In psychological sense Chakras 1-7, 2-6, 3-5 are related and form ‘sets’.

The Authentic Universal Spiritual Path

The Path is and has always been an inner energetic path of spiritual self-initiation to pursue and reestablish soul connection. Soul re-connection implies getting to ‘know’ one self unto the subconscious and even primal layers of the psyche.

The Path is interreligious.

Although we hold ourselves to be for example a Muslim, a Christian or a Hindu or any other spiritual signature, essentially all human beings, both man and woman hold male as well as female energies in their beings and in this way we all are alike souls.

In the most lucid transcendental realms the soul is interreligious, interracial and even unbound to place and time. On these levels our soul is universal and reconnection to our own soul will be an even reconnection to the universal realms of the over-soul. Following the Path is of GENERAL INTEREST.