The Ancient Ones part 2

Archetypal Old- and New-Age issues including Channeling

Our personal development is based on our descent from the primordial human and it shows similarities with the stages of development from baby to adulthood. We begin as an energetic unity with, and completely dependent on, our mother and, in a few decades, develop superficially into free-standing people.

If we become somewhat aware of Archetypal influences in our personality, then our attitude can be compared to a spiritual puberty; We have great ideals, want to change the world and are sensitive to conspiracy theories; we think we have a monopoly on wisdom and want to try everything ourselves; we see no danger anywhere and don’t care about authority, but we are very sensitive to the group pressure of spiritual group members. We need constant mutual confirmation from each other.

In general, the personal development focus is externally concentrated on functioning in society, but we are hardly aware of what is happening in our subconscious mind. In the spiritual sense we are still insecure, needy and dependent people who yearn for connection and spiritual intimacy but would rather safely follow the mass, than to descend into our own being and look for the connection there, this requires courage.

We plant our legs firmly on the ground as we explore for ourselves what lives in our subconscious mind, what drives us, what our needs are and what we deeply desire. Meditative activities are more Yin-loaded activities and forms of spiritual self-care. Perhaps we are naturally spiritually focused, or we are slowly but surely growing towards this, it is certain that on our way in we will come into contact with Archetypal energy at some point.

The inner confrontation

We can be deeply touched or confronted by the spiritual radiance of someone else. Without being (probably) aware of this, our inner Archetype is touched that resonates on that input. We become aware of ‘something’ in ourselves, a quality or ability that we quietly or excessively compliment in someone else; ambition arises, we also want what he or she has.

We have lived many lives in many different times and in many different spiritual cultures in which we may have had highly profiled spiritual or religious functions that brought us power over circumstances and over people. In the past, the old wisdom was not widespread, but instead assigned to a small selected group of people who could resonate with it. The exclusivity may have led to supernatural status and positions for spiritual guides, teachers, and leaders. We can easily imagine that this could also have caused all sorts of complex spiritual mystifying thoughts and feelings of jealousy or desire in people who were excluded from the ancient teachings. Remains of the once heavily charged mystifying thoughts and ideas can still be found in the deepest primal areas of the human psychological energetic system and play a distinctive role here in subconscious feelings of inadequacy or, on the contrary, overcompensation, feelings of superiority! These very complex and deep feelings are mostly unconscious, but they do determine our attitude and actions.

Depending on our character and personal views on spirituality and belief, we will link an Archetype as a status of spiritual superiority and power to our own personality. You can think of the compulsory execution of ‘good works’, the ‘helpers’ syndrome. Or to misuse any achieved spiritual or religious degree to provide for our own needs and desires which is far more common than you think. We can also present ourselves as a spiritually initiate (Esoterist) who is religiously, spiritually and intuitively highly developed, but in reality, we experience this primarily in our thinking.

Or we will project from an ignorance and feelings of dependence and modesty, an inner Archetype explicit on an external source, this can be a form of false modesty and a means of empowering and ratifying ourselves through that ‘source.’ We may be under the assumption that we are in contact with God, Jesus, (arch) angels or other immaterial beings, guides, possibly with other galaxies. An archetype brings great feelings of solidarity and it can entail special ESP qualities; such as mediumship, communication with the ‘beyond’ and channeling. This is a form of automatic writing and would be telepathically ‘passed on’ or ‘received from’ an immaterial spiritual Master or Saint ‘from the spirit,’ but actually that seems rather far-fetched. Is there perhaps an explanation for these phenomena that is much more obvious?

We may be under the assumption that a respected spiritual pastor has knowledge of what is between heaven and earth and can provide an answer to this, but is this assumption correct? We may safely assume that pastors of any religious signature have a great knowledge of sacred traditions, but their insights about our immaterial reality will be based on very ancient texts and traditions rather than their own direct intuitive experience.

Spirituality is their field of activity, but the traditional spiritual and religious institutions have little or no insight into our energetic immaterial reality and the phenomena that this immaterial field evokes. In the New-Age spirituality they are given their own and new meanings that also arise from written traditions, ‘secret teachings’, from the (far) East. The immaterial is an unknown territory for most people, and that makes it mysteriously attractive or, on the contrary, demonically scary, and thus becomes a useful means of manipulation.

Mediumship and channeling are very sophisticated forms of mental manipulation and deception. They mislead by suggesting the existence of a spiritual hierarchy and by ‘borrowing’ the status of a saint to validate and reinforce their message. They manipulate by issuing signals of mental dependence and these forms of intuitive communication are therefore certainly not harmless. In fact, these New-Age forms of spiritual manipulation are simply a continuation of the same tactics that religions have been using for centuries. It is just the same message in a new look.

It is an extraordinary fact that people do want to receive information from a non-verifiable, immaterial guide of a Medium or Channeler, but not from someone of flesh and blood who says they perceive the information intuitively. Because of spiritual-religious ignorance and feelings of dependence and inadequacy, we seem to be fonder of fairy tales than sober perceptions and mediumship and channeling support these self-undermining feelings.

All people have archetypes. We derive our spiritual identity and status from it, which give us the necessary meaning, but which are also connected to the deepest primordial instincts of survival. However, we will only become aware of archetypal ‘presence’ in ourselves through the ‘resonance and confrontation’ with the reflection in someone else’s archetype, and this will usually be the case if we engage in religious and spiritual circles.

We know almost nothing about the ‘beyond’, or that there is ‘life’ after death. We know almost nothing about our immaterial reality, and we are not even aware of our own immaterial reality, our Aura! What we ‘think’ to know are nothing more than assumptions we have distilled from all sorts of stories about experiences that touch the immaterial or go beyond the boundaries of ‘life and death’ and these assumptions are given a name and meaning corresponding to the spiritual conviction of the one who has experienced. (An almost-dead experience is exactly what it is, an almost-dead experience.) Being aware of our own Aura can already be an impressive and unforgettable experience of immaterial contact and meaning for someone. Without being aware of this, Mediums and Channelers are in an inner telepathic contact with their own inner Archetype or with an Archetype of their clients; they ‘read’ the immaterial information contained in their client’s aura.

The simple truth is that we may need a lot of courage to acknowledge that we want to worship a ‘higher power,’ or our own status of spiritual leadership to be worshiped. For most people it can be a truly frightening or even blasphemous thought that there is no spiritual hierarchy, a thought that makes us feel abandoned and orphaned. There are no ‘chosen ones’; this would be against our free will. It is out of free will that we choose to dive deep into the unconscious to expose our inner idols, and to seek inner Surrender to the Soul.

Kirsten, November 12