Liquid Love

There is a difference between human Love and divine Love, Human Love is emotional charged conditional energy and divine Love is uncharged unconditional energy, and both are within the human heart. In this post you will find a reflection on Liquid Love, universal energy of life, or Chi, Prana, and of universal energy of spiritual life, or Kundalini. On our path towards spiritual development and unification with the Soul it is Liquid Love that brings an initiation within the heart center as a response on inner meditative balancing work. It is through self-observation and selfreflection that we learn to distinguish the very difference between emotional human, or divine Liquid Love.

There is no such thing as a free lunch!

We may feel to be born in freedom, or in a free country, but we dwell in a reality that is based on bartering of goods, money, exertions, time, and in a way that is a good thing.

The root of all evil is not money, it is our original need for power and money is a means of gaining power. The primary need for power is probably to secure our place in the social hierarchy. Some struggle to gain certainty and control and assume that this means they need more money or a higher status to gain power over people.The planet is out of balance. We have poisoned the Earth’s crust, the oceans and the air we breathe. Society, the world, the Matrix reality, is out of balance. There is an overall inequality in power between people, countries and nations and the basic imbalance is that between man and woman and expresses itself in difference in status, and between male and female energies and this expresses itself in mental dominance over intuition. There is an overall basic imbalance between Yang and Yin

The ‘top down’ method to bring into balance might be to force on equality between people, however, this has no effect on the balance between people in a one on one relationship and certainly not within ourselves.

We need to learn to understand where our own need for power is based on to bring these undermining self-destructing energies into balance. We need to learn to accept that inner transformation can only come from love and out of free will.

We may have an influential position, yet we cannot change people or their ways. We can however change ourselves. Developing and changing happens through awareness and free will. Developing individuality, autonomy and remaining in our own authenticity is giving up the comfortable place within the ‘herd’ and may ask courage and courage comes from Love as in dedication and reverence towards our own spiritual development in this time and space (incarnation). Real spiritual progress is made by just taking in our own individual private space; by centering and grounding.

The ‘bottom up’ method of bringing into balance is a highly individual matter for gaining equilibrium but based on our own choice. We use our own partner as an energetic mirror to get to know ourselves to deeper levels of the psyche and to learn to love ourselves unconditionally. Here are character traits that we would rather not have had and that we would rather hide from the world.

The healing of the heart

The human heart finds itself in the center of our entire being. In the energetic heart center, there is the ‘intersection’ of our relationship with the -individual- universe, the microcosm and our relationship with our fellow men.

The flow of human love is charged energy that flows (is sent and received) between hearts and is needed to develop healthy, balanced relationships or to heal imbalances.

Sending heart energy, for example by offering active help or care, seems easier than receiving, but it is the underlying motivation that comes from imbalances in self-worthiness that influences the quality of the energy. If the motivation is focused on meeting one’s own needs, then that energy can have a manipulative effect and develop feelings of disguised superiority and overestimation. If there is for some reason an inability to open up, receiving heart energy can be just as complicated.

The (energy of the) heart center can transform feelings of inferiority or superiority into unconditional self-acceptance. This is the most important driver for the further development of a broader degree of individuality and self-determination.

Intention, Intention, Intention. We are driven by our deepest hidden intentions and motivations. What do you really want with your life? Everything depends on the intention to get to know yourself to deeper layers of the psyche, and self-reflection and observation by feeling physically or intuitively.

A balanced heart center is capable of receiving divine love. In essence, all people receive divine love, but hardly anyone can see, recognize and appreciate it as such!

Love has many faces. “Improve the world and start with yourself” Spiritual and intuitive development is hidden yet profound spiritual service to the Soul and thus to The Over-Soul or Humanity.

It is the flow of energy that is in fact liquid love; energy our bodies and psyches need for to live and to be able to move and to do all the things that we love.

It is the Love between spouses that may awaken a profoundly hidden remembrance and bring it intuitively to our awareness.

Deep within ourselves is a reminder of ‘Oneness’ and through a close relationship with our partner that memory can at some point penetrate our day consciousness and create an inner urge that can lead us to an initiation within the heart center and awaken universal energy of spiritual life, Kundalini. 

Chi, Prana or universal energy of life flows through the energy system of our body. The crossroad within our heart may literally be seen as an energetic crossroad with vertical and horizontal flowing energies. Vertically as a flow between ‘Earth and Heaven’ and horizontally between the heart of our own being and the heart of all other beings we live in co-existence with.

A Liquid Love conductor

Work on spiritual intimacy by practicing both meditative attention and inner receptivity in the here and now. This inner attitude of intuitive feeling and observation may in principle require some practice. Because of our original “herd nature” we are easily distracted and our concentration diminishes. But in the end intuitive observation becomes a natural attitude in which we can stay pure with ourselves, centered in our own microcosm.

Working consciously with Liquid Love; finding the ultimate energetic Yin/Yang balance.

The Yang dominance in society and in ourselves dates back to antiquity in which we switched from a predominantly intuitive perception to a mental perception of thought. Through this mental switch we came up with all sorts of new ideas, but we also increasingly felt the need to control our environment, starting with the necessities of life such as food and protection.

During personal development, awareness and self-knowledge grow through reflection and an outward focus; we learn from external sources including parents and teachers. Until we become aware of an immaterial reality and ask ourselves, in essence and in depth: “What do I need and what does my Soul really need? What is the essence and purpose of my existence?”

Then we can decide to learn to listen to and respond to an inner need for a deeper, intimate and intuitive relationship within and with ourselves and thus with our Soul. What we ‘do’ for our own Soul we do for the Over-Soul. The flow of universal life energy benefits the entire Field.


A new Lexicon for universal spirituality

Traditional spirituality and religion are focused on the Awakening of the heart center and on practicing steady devotion to spiritual development. Spiritual relationships traditionally are between a spiritual leader and one or more followers or between teacher and students.

Planetary Universal Soul spirituality functions in the transcendental realms of the Soul and is a whole new form of spiritual relationship and cooperation and this requires a new lexicon of spiritual designations.

There is a new page installed with a new Lexicon. In this blog you will find the first part.

About Reality

Creation vs Reality. In this blog about spirituality, Reality is a matter of psychological (personal) awareness; all that exists for us personally, is real and present for us. If something is not in our awareness, it is no part of our reality.

Creation is all the physical realms including all visible and invisible phenomena (like: life, growth) originally belonging to them; Creation is all that is not man-made. (A baby, even when it is conceived with IVF, is not man-made.)

The Matrix is the field of the man-made living reality. The 4th realm of the human awareness is (a part of) the Matrix field. It is a loaded energetic grid and contains all the unspoken norms and values, especially religious and spiritual, in a culture where all people are supposed to and where most people remember each other to those agreements. The grid is invisible but forms by its properties an unmistakable ‘grip’ on the Soul. The energetic field of the Matrix reality is a man-made conditional and manipulative living world (reality).

Microcosm (body and psyche) and Soul are energetically closely linked. Liberation of the Soul is a matter of detachment from all Matrix ties by neutralizing all inner energetic imbalances under the guidance of the very Soul.

About Energy

Universal Energy of Life – Chi – Prana – ‘The Holy Spirit’ – subtle electricity that is in and around all there is.

Universal Energy of Spiritual Life – Spiritual Fire – Kundalini energy – physically bound ‘Yin-Yang’ fused subtle energy. This energy awakens and enhances the intuitive senses. When this energy awakens it is a starting point (not a destination) to proceed towards the Path. Manipulation (scheming from the mind) may lead to enhancing psychic energetic imbalances and severe karmic situations!

Transcendental (energy) is ultimate subtle energy that is undetected from any scientific device.

Yin and Yang – In this blog Yin and Yang are the universal masculinity and the universal femininity; transcendental (+) and (-) charged energy that always is in a pair and in a certain percentile ratio with each other.

Adam and Eve – Adam and Eve are the representatives of Yang and Yin. Their natural orientation is towards each other. The orientation of positive (+) is towards negative (-) and vise versa. Yang (+) is transcendentality, Yin (-) is physicality. Transcendentality is orientated towards physicality and physicality is orientated towards transcendentality.

Walking the spiritual Path is all about an overall energetic balance in the energetic chakra system.

An energetic view on reality is focused on bringing energetic balance in the chakra system by taking the right action in the right time. Valuating and judgemental thoughts manipulate our course of action. An energetic view is neutral and free from any emotional load.

The main results of an energetic view on spirituality is the awareness of:

  • all people are equal.
  • the planet and all that lives on her forms a coherent unity.
  • all spiritual and religious dogmas from any origin are manmade.

Universalization – the transformative process of letting go of all spiritual and religious convictions and letting go of all their accompanying judgmental ‘good or evil’ thoughts, into an intuitive attitude directing towards surrendering to the Soul and the intuitive reception of her impulses.


Kirsten – march 2019