Spiritual Intimacy

Spirituality has in the course of time received a heavy emotional charge of contradictions; something is divine or devilish, good or evil, heaven or hell. This is mainly due to spiritual misunderstanding and abuse of power and has sowed fear and uncertainty about our spiritual welfare. These charges are in our collective memory and manipulate us from within!

Our problem, the problem of Humanity, is of an energetic nature and extends into the deepest layers of our psyche; the imbalance between Yang and Yin. The masculine (Yang) and the feminine (Yin) are no longer in balance with each other. There is more male Yang energy than female Yin energy and the result is that more value is given to outer form, at the expense of inner values.

You wouldn’t say it superficially, but there are many people who, mostly unconsciously, worry about the “fate” of their souls and those of their loved ones. It is the feminine Yin energy that hidden takes care of the inner psychological and Soul man.

Society is out of balance, Yang, the masculine, dominates Yin, the feminine, and this has been true for many centuries. We lack essential intimacy, intensity and care. The result of this imbalance is that, superficially, our focus is collectively focused on the outside world. We show a ‘nothing to worry’ attitude, but inside we cook with anger. We indeed want that intimacy, intensity and care, but in our inability, we translate that desire to the acquisition of money, matter and status and if that does not work immediately, we use dubious techniques such as manipulation to fulfill our desires. Yang needs Yin and Yin, Yang. The feminine and masculine need each other, reinforce and fulfill each other. To meditate (the action) we need the Yang energy, to turn inside and to find tranquility, we need the Yin energy.

Nota bene: Yang and Yin, Adam and Eve, represent the universal masculine and feminine energies and are found in both men and women! Here too, spiritual misunderstanding has caused much damage.

The outside world or outer reality is full of action, speed and ambition and is more loaded with Yang. In the outside world, it’s all about performance and outward appearances and superficialities.

Spiritual intimacy and internalizing are more Yin-loaded activities; turning in, centering, slowing down and coming to ‘rest’. The right action and the right timing stem from the subtle balance between the masculine and the feminine.

With intimacy you usually don’t immediately think of spirituality, yet intuitive development has everything to do with a profound internalization, intimacy, in yourself.

The world around us functions as a mirror in which our own being is reflected on different levels of energy, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We need interaction with that world to get to know and to love ourselves.

In the mirror we will first observe the outside and the surface. As we turn inward, we become more interested in what we feel, and we discover that we are sometimes open to intuitive impressions, perceptions and inner “knowing” without using the physical senses. We not only perceive the outside world, but if we are aware of it, at the same time our intuitive sensations. Our consciousness expanded, our field of observation expanded; we become aware of the inner experience of the people around us or we sometimes find ourselves in telepathic contact with them.

Through observation, recognition and letting go of the reflection of our being, inner space is created through which we can be open to energetic impressions in and of the surrounding world. This is a process of ultimate subtle sensing under all circumstances; intuitively psychometrical inner “scanning” for balance and intuitively sensing of what we in an energetic sense need and how we can achieve an increasingly perfect balance. This process can be compared to an inner “aura reading” and deepen and refine more and more through application.

Spiritual intimacy is a very intimate inner experience that cannot be transferred further; the intuitive and telepathic impulses themselves are expressions of the energetic unity of “Creation” and are experienced in this way. Our intuitive and telepathic impulses are an expression for us that we, as individuals, are really part of the great Whole, and are an expression of our ongoing inner universalization; our inner space becomes more spacious and quieter, a silent inner universe.

Intimacy between two partners

A deeper connection in and with yourself contributes to a deeper relationship with your partner. It is up to him or herself how the partner deals internally with intimacy, together you form an energetic unity and your own level of closeness will have an effect on the relationship.

Our partner functions as a mirror that goes deeper than our other contacts and the sexual side of our relationship can teach us the inner mechanisms of (inner) reflection, letting go and surrender.

The energy of orgasm is a light form of Kundalini energy. Depending on our focus and deepest intentions and motivations, intimacy with our partner can serve as a catalyst to achieve deeper internalization and greater self-knowledge or even awaken a deep desire for spiritual Unification with God within us. Trust and internalization are a choice, Spiritual Unification is a Calling.

In essence, all communication and cooperation, both internally and externally, function through the subtle balance between the masculine and the feminine in and between all elements of Creation and in all realms of awareness.


Kirsten, August 2019