Indigos – Pioneers of a New Spiritual Era

The immaterial creates the material. It is the Soul who, under the influence of large cosmic movements through time and space, guides the stages of development of Humanity. The Over-Soul is now under the influence of a cosmic field that contains an energetic composition of both Pisces and Aquarius energies.

Astrological sign transitions occur every 2160 years and that effectively means that we as Humanity have 2160 years to live through all aspects of a new sign at all levels of existence and in all areas of life for the benefit of the spiritual growth of humanity as a whole, we form a coherent Unity.

In the last 2000 years we have learned a lot about the reconnection with our Soul. The coming millennia will be more about conscious Soul Collaborations in the transcendent spheres of Creation. Extra-sensory perceptions and telepathy are hidden qualities that take place within one individual Soul. The conductor of these qualities is Universal Energy of Life. Telepathic communication between Souls themselves, even when they are at a large, global distance from each other, is a revelation of the Spiritual Trinity and an open demonstration of the cohesion of Humanity and the energetic Unity (God) in which we are all. Planetary telepathic collaboration between a group of Souls will offer unprecedented spiritual opportunities.

Specific Soul qualities enable us to create intuitive Soul collaborations where the Whole is more than the sum of its parts; the group of Souls is able to function as One (entity). Soul co-operation does not just happen by itself; it requires spiritual service to Humanity from every Soul through dedication to the Universal Spirit and to an intimate intuitive relationship between the individual microcosm and the Soul.


The pioneers.

For decades, more highly sensitive and paranormal children seem to be incarnating than before. The first generation of Indigo Souls was primarily dependent on itself, but that too had a specific purpose and was part of the Plan. Now these children have a title, “Indigo Child,” and some have given themselves new status; they would come from the stars, or originate from star matter, or come directly from the divine spheres. However, wherever we may come from, we are dealing with a microcosm that is bound to Earth through the deepest subconscious layers.

Each Soul is attracted by a new individual microcosm in the making and becomes one with it. Soul and microcosm unite and become bound to physical reality and this fact has some binding consequences; we need light, air, water and food to sustain and nourish the microcosm, the vehicle of our Soul. We need elements of the Oneness to stay alive!

As long as we only drink mothers milk, we are innocent. By using food and drink (energies of the four basic elements), we use the Unity and thus lose our innocent status.

Simply due to the need for food and drink, we owe the Unity and are bound to the Earth. We are Earth-bound Indigos with a deep longing for the Unity of the divine spheres.


As thunderclap in a clear sky we can experience a moment of spiritual Enlightenment, but there is no such thing as instant Mastery.

Indigos are old Souls and sometimes have special capacities, but before we can use them, it usually takes a long period of study and practice. Each beautiful personal quality has a dark shadow side that is usually in the depths of the psyche and one day (or night) we will be confronted with our own shadow when we get it reflected in another microcosm. Our personality wants to be known. Until we have the courage to perceive and acknowledge our Shadow, these personality parts continue to knock on our door of consciousness from the depths.

We can lose ourselves in any worldly or quasi spiritual distraction as long as we don’t have to ‘feel’. Old Souls can carry a deep sadness, the origin of which we do not know. The starry sky can also evoke feelings of homesickness and a longing for something we initially have no words for. We often do not feel at home in our society and can then tend to keep up appearances. Or we embark on some spiritual or worldly ambition. We rely on logic and mental control of the brain and are also able to completely ignore our intuition. When we mingle in spiritual circles, we can proclaim: “Everything is Love” and “We are already One” despite the fact that we cannot experience it ourselves and actually do not believe in it.

Feelings of separation are signs of a lack of contact and intimacy in our own self. By ignoring the intuitions of the inner senses, there is hardly any contact between the microcosm and the Soul. Feelings of homesickness are evoked by the memory of the Spiritual Unity. However, if we become aware of our “betrayal” to our inner perceptions, we can repent.

In fact, it doesn’t matter where our previous incarnation was. The only thing that matters is our deep longing for Oneness; we long for surrender to the Soul and fusion with the Divine Oneness. Such feelings are not signaling emotional or mental instability or depression, they are real, true and very normal for old Souls who have been in embodiment countless times.

Indigos are New-Age children. We are attracted by the group life with related souls, but participation in group life cannot give us what we really desire. Our path to surrender to the Soul and merging into the Unity is a purely inner and individual task that we can perform anywhere, anytime. By maintaining a meditative conscious attention in the here and now, we develop and broaden our intuitive and extrasensory perceptions, in this way we continuously work on an intimate reconnection with our Soul.

Working on inner strength, autonomy and authenticity, and without compromises staying true to one’s own inner sensations is not always easy but is essentially the only wise option. The challenge is to develop courage, dedication and love (perseverance) for one’s own personal and spiritual development for the benefit of a balanced microcosm with healthy psychological boundaries, so we can be of service to the Whole.

If we observe synchronicities between our intuition and reality on a daily basis, we are intimately connected to our Soul and can take the step to let go of the control of our thinking brain and surrender ourselves confidently to the intuitive impulses of the Soul.


Kirsten – July 2019


Cyclic movement; the essence of Creation.

From an energetic point of view on the origins of the universe, the universal Spirit induces ‘motion’ by energetic attraction between the two differentcharges of energy. Creation exists thanks to ‘subtle electricity’; universal energy of life.

Universal energy of life, sheer energy that cannot be detected by our physical senses, materializes and answering to universal laws of nature ultimately formed into a material universe. Sphere shaped celestial objects circling each other in repetitive orbits, displaying the law of gravity and indirectly the law of Karma.

Like our solar system, all physical and metaphysical life moves in repetitive cycles. Unto the most profound metaphysical depths, Humankind is attuned to the energetic frequencies of repetitive cycles until the farthest and most distant planet in the solar system, showing the esoteric law*: ‘as above so below’ and ‘as inner so outer’. Physical and metaphysical life on all levels of existence is under the influence of the repetitive cycles of development.

*Esoterism is the study of the underlying subtle energetic mechanisms of the overall unity in form and function of Creation. Personal qualities of extrasensory perception (should) create the need to learn to interpret what is subtly energetically perceived.

Karma is another word for the law of ‘cause and effect’. Karma is connected to re-incarnation. Our individual personality is originated under the law of Karma.

The specific behavior and movements of objects in the universe like Sun, Moon and planets, display the law of Karma and indirectly this indicates a specific mechanism: reincarnation. Reincarnation is a rebirth and means a re-connection between soul and a new physical body, a newborn baby. The soul is a composed metaphysical and transcendental energetic unity on its own, an individual universe or microcosm. Reincarnation is a sheer energetic mechanism based on universal energetic laws.

Energy shapes matter and matter attracts energy (gravity). Reincarnation is a cyclic energetic mechanism and is a highly complicated and dynamic process.

The whole incarnation process might be starting when two people get into interacting in a close relationship unto the subtlest realms of their souls. The interacting energies may attract unto the physical plane and induce a conception. The newborn baby inherits physical DNA from both the parents; the energetic life field however forms a brand-new combination of different charged energies in which some aspects of both parents may be recognized.

Reincarnation is a cyclic mechanism and every new embodiment may be seen as a singular ‘bead’ (a link in a chain) in a sequence of incarnations. In this way one incarnation can be seen as one day or 24 hours in a sequence of days. In 24 hours, four stages can be differentiated: conception (mid-night), birth (sunrise), individual development (noon), departure (sunset). Between sunrise and sunset, more personal energy gradually incarnates, giving the personality more and more shape by developing and blossoming true talents. In the series of incarnations, some characteristics in our personality may find their completion in development in this life and these energies may be released (they are not a source of energetic attraction, Karma, any longer). We may assume that we have developed in personal and spiritual ways and depart our body as a somewhat different individual than we were at our arrival as a baby.

Every incarnated life field is unique in its energetic composition, we may presume however that body, personality and soul closely fit and belongs together.

We may also presume that every single incarnation fits energetically closely into the series of incarnations and this implies that they both closely fit into the Whole and a certain “influential movement” within the unity of the One field serve. Personal and spiritual development is achieved during incarnations.

In two ways every incarnation crosses the borders of life and death: as an individual the microcosm fits in its series of past (ancestors) and future family members, and the microcosm fits in its past and future sequence of incarnations. In incarnation we are connected to both life and death at the same time; death is a part of our microcosm and that is all the more reason to test all our extrasensory perceptions for their soundness and value.

The process of the physical death is a reverse incarnation. The physical body dies when the universal energy of life retreats from it. The energetic microcosm falls apart and gradually all frequencies of subtle energy let go and join their own specific energetic frequency until required for a new composition sometime. Ultimately the different energetic frequencies no longer hold any human significance; their only differentiation is in their frequency and can be compared to the colors of the rainbow in the sky that shows a differentiation in vibrational frequency of sunlight by color.

Kirsten – June 2019

About Spiritual Vampirism and,

how to deal with the phenomenon of energetic drainage.

In spiritual circles Spiritual Vampirism is a common phenomenon. Spiritual vampirism seems to be the theft of someone’s energy, leaving the ‘the one involved’ energetically deprived. Is there really a question of theft of energy or is there another explanation?

Feelings of depletion of energy is an issue of lack of personal authority. Many people struggle with gaining personal authority and tend to blame others for all misfortune they are confronted with. Developing personal authority belongs to a normal personal development. Spiritual development is a continuation of personal development therefore gaining personal authority is an important issue for proceeding spiritual development.

Spiritual vampirism is a complicated manipulative blaming mechanism of Spiritual Rivalry and its origin is an overall feeling of weakness due to a combination of fear, victimization and spiritual misunderstanding; one who is suffering from spiritual vampirism blames his or her surroundings, a specific individual or even a malicious spiritual entity for his or her lack of spiritual success and unfulfilled spiritual ambition.

The real problem here is that the personality of the sufferer is still in a healing process of imbalance in personal power and therefore has an inability (consciousness narrowing) to understand the absolute impersonal energetic mechanisms of “karma.”

By blaming others, we reject our own authority and personal power and thereby ignore our own responsibility and meanwhile we infringe the integrity of the energetic field of intended offender. Developing healthy psychological ‘boundaries’ is essential for people who have extra sensitive perceptiveness.

Spiritual healers should be aware of the personal authority issues and of their impact on their patients/clients who tend to hand over their personal and spiritual authority to the healer. The healing function should be to assist their clients to bring their personal strength into balance, in order to gain personal and spiritual self-determination and authenticity. Healers should be aware that any removal or exorcism of energy sucker, so-called vampires, emphasizes the feebleness of their clients, supports their dependence to the healer and maintains addiction to spiritual help.

There are aspects to maintain certain adverse attitudes because they bring something that is valued. The involved likes to maintain the ‘victim’ attitude because it brings a highly valued status of ‘extra sensitivity’, and it brings the loving attention of the healer! The healer likes to maintain the ‘helpers-syndrome’ because it provides a status of spiritual craftsmanship and spiritual superiority and likes to feel ‘needed’ and loves rescuing. To get hold of personal strength and authenticity is a complicated task; learning what one is responsible for and what not and how to deal with this. Depriving someone from their specific lessons in life may even be a karmic situation in itself!

No one can take/suck away energy unless it is given freely! Blaming brings annoyances and anger and these states of mind suck energy out of one’s own system.

However, the deprivation of energy is a situation of energetic imbalance, a karmic situation. From an energetic point of view there is no energy-sucker, no spiritual vampire and no victim. The ‘victim’ is an involved who has not yet found a balance in personal strength.

From an energetic point of view the overall feeling of weakness is due to an overall imbalance of the energetic (chakra) field and the main cause is lack of grounding; the base chakra is in an imbalance affecting the whole chakra system. The mechanism is that the involved, starts to resonate with an external trigger, a familiar burdensome frequency, that however for whatever reason internally not yet has been dealt with.

Until the mechanism completely is comprehended and dealt with, been act on or let go, the exhaustion returns with every new confrontation with the triggering source. The specific confrontation can be a visible perception, an auditory perception or even be a thought.

Let’s take a look at grounding, usually spiritual people don’t like grounding, they want to ascent to higher realms as quickly as possible. Spiritual people like to maintain this escape mechanism to flee from the physical reality that is often experienced as ‘hard’. Spiritual development is about accepting our incarnation and how we can develop spiritually for the benefit of the Over-Soul.

What we as spiritual people want is contradictory to what we spiritually actually vitally need namely a foundation! Taking on personal responsibilities by dealing with chakra imbalances brings personal strength.

Taking care of our basic needs influences the basic chakra. Becoming aware of and fulfilling needs that contribute to our well-being is energetically a cooperation of the basic chakra with the 2nd chakra. Acting accordingly to fulfill all essential needs is an energetic cooperation and influence of all lower chakras (the base, the 2nd and the 3rd) and leads to energetic balance in the chakras and to a general condition of ‘well-being’ and makes it possible to create and maintain healthy psychological ‘boundaries’, they are a basic condition for healthy relationships and an essential stable foundation for spiritual development.

The base chakra is the chakra of our personal foundation in life, the essential necessities of life, of our own family and of our parents and ancestors. Taking care of ourselves is to love ourselves and to find ourselves worthy enough for personal and spiritual development towards personal and spiritual self-determination and authenticity for the benefit of the Over-Soul.

Contacts with the Group Field

Consciously and wholeheartedly working towards a healthy basis is a signal, an invocation or a promise to our subconscious psychological layers, that we are working to take our place in the energetic Group Field.

Intuitively (telepathically) the Group Field can be perceived as an active dynamic transcendental energetic field, an energetic sounding board in which residual energetic imbalances (karma) are brought to resonance, which may be intense experiences causing a lot of misunderstanding and disturbance. Profound spiritual understanding, self-knowledge and the companionship of kindred spirits who are fully aware of what one is up against, may be of help.

Until one fully comprehends how to interpret what intuitively is perceived, contacts with the ‘Group Field’ may bring at least mixed feelings.

Spiritual development is a continuation of personal development and a spiritual healer can at best try to encourage the person involved to stay centered in his or her own being and to develop personal and spiritual autonomy and resilience or the art of self-forgiveness as a basis for an ongoing spiritual development.

Kirsten, May 2019

There is a Dutch translation available here or under ‘Translations in Dutch’ in the menu.




A new Lexicon part II

New spiritual terms in a new Cosmic Era

Maybe you ask yourself why new words are needed for spirituality. The main reason is to universalize their meaning; to use words without an emotional and mental load; words are names and names are designations.

All religions and spiritual traditions have their own designations, symbols and rituals. And all these audible, visible and tangible ‘signs’ have their own energetic charge that we register as a certain charisma that is very appealing or repels. The function of these signs is to attract people and to bind them in the specific spiritual or religious circle they are connected to.

A new Cosmic Era has a new cosmic energetic radiation which resonates to Souls that are specifically attuned to these Aquarius energies, Indigos. These Souls have an innate sense of authenticity, justice, personal equality and freedom and true sense of brotherhood. Very often they are highly sensitive and intuitive.

However, on our way to the Path there are several significant inner stumbling blocks. We, that is all the people including the Indigos, have a tendency to take things personal, we like to designate meaningfulness to our reality, we have a strong ‘herd’ nature and we have an ambivalent sense of personal power. The ultimate challenge is to remain internally in complete compassion with our fellowman and at the same time being aware which ‘action’ may bring our chakras into a new balance. It is not about our personal status, but to adjust/align to the Spiritual Soul.


The Aquarius Age is the Age of the Universal Soul and of Universal Soul spirituality, energetic Universal Soul groupwork in the transcendental realm.


I write this blog from an ultimate subtle energetic (transcendental) point of view. The transcendental Field of the Spiritual Unity encompasses the whole planet and all people that live on her. The universal qualities of the transcendental realm require a new lexicon of ‘spiritual designations’ fitting for all people and from all spiritual/religious origin.

The transcendental realm is an unnoticed and therefore unfamiliar territory. Planetary all-encompassing telepathic communication, functions via the conductive quality of the transcendental realm. It is through genuine dedicated spiritual group-work that the Hidden realm makes itself present and can be experienced.

Group work in the transcendental Field of the Spiritual Unity has unprecedented and limitless possibilities. Transcendental group work opens up possibilities for group transformations, group initiations and Liberation of the Soul in group formation and on a planetary scale. The very first step (a quantum leap) to transcendent group work was taken at the end of 2006.


About Awareness

Realms of awareness – In Mathematical sense the One Unity exists of a collection of sets, energetic realms, that each resides within one another; a set in a set in a set, like a Matryoshka doll. The sets are energetic fields of awareness. The center set is the physical mineral set. The mineral set (1st realm) is part of the vegetational set (2nd realm). The vegetational set is part of the animalistic set (3rd realm) the animalistic set is part of the human set (4th realm) and the human set is part of the Universal Soul (5th realm).

All realms are part of the Spiritual Unity or Christ consciousness (the 6th realm). The 6th realm has no content, so it is free of any religious / spiritual dogmas and value judgements. In energetic sense this realm is uncharged and neutral; it includes and serves all there is. The 7th realm is the all-encompassing energetic Singularity; the 6th and the 7th realm are one and the same. The Singularity is neither Yin nor Yang, ‘It’ has just 1 dimension.

The human consciousness can be on several levels of awareness:
-(lucid) dream
-instinctual; natural inborn urges to eat, sleep, procreate and to survive
-intuitive; internal microcosmic reflective communication of physical entities by means of subtle chakra energy.

Conscious telepathy is a human quality. All telepathy is an internal reflective communication.

Spiritual awakening is an Initiation of the heart Center. The fusion of Yin and Yang kindles the ‘ knowing ‘ of the heart. The initiation can be a moment of exaltation. From this moment the heart has a direct connection with the transcendental Field of the Spiritual Unity however initially this connection probably is completely unaware.

Global or planetary telepathy – Conscious planetary telepathic intercommunication is a Universal Soul ability. The communicative conductor is universal energy of life in the energetic Field of the Spiritual Unity. Telepathic Inter Universal Soul communication is conceptual and direct; the Group Soul functioning as One (Soul).

The Over-Soul – is the group-Soul of Humanity.

The Universal Soul is the liberated Soul; liberated from the Matrix field and still a part of the Over-Soul. The Liberated Soul is in service of the Over-Soul.

The Spiritual Unity is the Universal all-encompassing energetic Field – ‘Christ-consciousness’- the ultimate transcendental uncharged energy (without any data); just pure universal masculine and feminine energy -Yin Yang-, an inseparable energetic pair, a 2D energetic field. The field of the Spiritual Unity is the first spiritual human; it is our spiritual base. The connection with this Field is via the heart.


About Archetypes and ‘Aeons’ as fields of spiritual interests

Advanced spiritual work is dealing with karmic Archetypal scenarios. This is the work of an advanced spiritual worker. In the global encompassing Universal – Soul group, it is the Group Field that functions as a ‘reflector’.

The Group Field is a global encompassing energetic Field. All awakened hearts are connected with the Field. Whether anyone responds to the impact of the reflective mirror on their system, depends on dedication of spiritual and personal development, the development of individuation, autonomy and of balance in personal power.

The Spiritual Hierarchy (as the place of the supposed Ascended Masters) is invented and arranged by the human mind.

Ascended Masters – Supposed Ascended Sacred Spiritual Masters only exist in the human mind as Archetypes. An Archetype is an inner Idol. These psychological images are physically bound in the emotional and mental fields (of the human microcosm).

Archetypes are archaic (very old) energetic fields in human microcosms of ‘Old Souls’. They hold esoteric religious or spiritual ‘knowledge’ from many former lives. Archetypes are a part of the personality and find themselves in the more profound levels of the psyche. Once remembrance is induced and is practiced with new energetic ‘Aquarius’ insights one can use the Archetypal influence in advanced esoteric psychological or physical healing techniques.

Energetic field of Interest – an Aeon – is a group field, an energetic cloud of certain frequency that is shared by two or (many) more people. The cloud holds all kinds of spiritual / religious content; all kinds of ‘dogmas’, rituals or specific customs in religious or spiritual groups or tribes. The connection is established through (the fascination of) the mind and is linked to an inner Archetype.
When one is connected in such a group field the Aeonic energy can have a hypnotic and intoxicating impact on the awareness, through which spiritual / religious (mass) hysteria can arise. The energy of Aeonic fields is very appealing to the Inner Archetype. There are legion of these fields.

The Inner Idol – the artificial Ego – By intense fascination, the archaic remains (Archetype) can grow into Mythical proportions with a charismatic look. The Archetype then grows into an inner Idol as an impressive inner projection of the personal self that is holding the awareness under the spell of religious / spiritual overconfidence.

Spiritual Rivalry is an expression of an Archetypal Karmic scenario between two or more artificial Egos of advanced spiritual practitioners who reflect each other’s energetic imbalance in personal power. Spiritual Rivalry is common in spiritual, religious and esoteric circles.

Karmic Archetypal scenarios are situations of (energetic) imbalance in personal power. The lack of balance expresses itself through feelings of supremacy or dominance or feelings of inferiority or subordination. Such feelings may be ultimate subtle, or deeply overwhelmingly.

The Akashic records is the Archetypal field, the composed archaic (ancient) spiritual and religious energetically charged field.

The higher self is an expanded consciousness that is in service of the personal self.


About Reality

Creation vs Reality. In this blog about spirituality, Reality is a matter of psychological (personal) awareness; all that exists for us personally, is real and present for us. If something is not in our awareness, it is no part of our reality.

Creation is all the physical realms including all visible and invisible phenomena originally belonging to them (like: life, growth, etc.). Creation is all that is not man-made. (A baby, even when it is conceived with IVF, is not man-made.)

The Matrix is the field of the human-made reality. The 4th realm of the human awareness is (a part of) the Matrix field. It is a culturally determined energetic grid and contains all unspoken norms and values, especially religious and spiritual. All people are expected to adhere to all agreements and to remind each other to do so. The grid is invisible but because of its properties it forms an unmistakable ‘grip’ on the Soul. The energetic field of the Matrix reality is a human-made conditional and manipulative world (reality).

Microcosm (body, psyche and all energetic layers of the aura) and (transcendental) Soul are energetically closely linked. Liberation of the Soul is a matter of detachment from all Matrix ties by neutralizing all inner energetic chakral imbalances (Karma) under the guidance of the very Soul.


Kirsten march 2019

A new Lexicon for universal spirituality

Traditional spirituality and religion are focused on the Awakening of the heart center and on practicing steady devotion to spiritual development. Spiritual relationships traditionally are between a spiritual leader and one or more followers or between teacher and students.

Planetary Universal Soul spirituality functions in the transcendental realms of the Soul and is a whole new form of spiritual relationship and cooperation and this requires a new lexicon of spiritual designations.

There is a new page installed with a new Lexicon. In this blog you will find the first part.

About Reality

Creation vs Reality. In this blog about spirituality, Reality is a matter of psychological (personal) awareness; all that exists for us personally, is real and present for us. If something is not in our awareness, it is no part of our reality.

Creation is all the physical realms including all visible and invisible phenomena (like: life, growth) originally belonging to them; Creation is all that is not man-made. (A baby, even when it is conceived with IVF, is not man-made.)

The Matrix is the field of the man-made living reality. The 4th realm of the human awareness is (a part of) the Matrix field. It is a loaded energetic grid and contains all the unspoken norms and values, especially religious and spiritual, in a culture where all people are supposed to and where most people remember each other to those agreements. The grid is invisible but forms by its properties an unmistakable ‘grip’ on the Soul. The energetic field of the Matrix reality is a man-made conditional and manipulative living world (reality).

Microcosm (body and psyche) and Soul are energetically closely linked. Liberation of the Soul is a matter of detachment from all Matrix ties by neutralizing all inner energetic imbalances under the guidance of the very Soul.

About Energy

Universal Energy of Life – Chi – Prana – ‘The Holy Spirit’ – subtle electricity that is in and around all there is.

Universal Energy of Spiritual Life – Spiritual Fire – Kundalini energy – physically bound ‘Yin-Yang’ fused subtle energy. This energy awakens and enhances the intuitive senses. When this energy awakens it is a starting point (not a destination) to proceed towards the Path. Manipulation (scheming from the mind) may lead to enhancing psychic energetic imbalances and severe karmic situations!

Transcendental (energy) is ultimate subtle energy that is undetected from any scientific device.

Yin and Yang – In this blog Yin and Yang are the universal masculinity and the universal femininity; transcendental (+) and (-) charged energy that always is in a pair and in a certain percentile ratio with each other.

Adam and Eve – Adam and Eve are the representatives of Yang and Yin. Their natural orientation is towards each other. The orientation of positive (+) is towards negative (-) and vise versa. Yang (+) is transcendentality, Yin (-) is physicality. Transcendentality is orientated towards physicality and physicality is orientated towards transcendentality.

Walking the spiritual Path is all about an overall energetic balance in the energetic chakra system.

An energetic view on reality is focused on bringing energetic balance in the chakra system by taking the right action in the right time. Valuating and judgemental thoughts manipulate our course of action. An energetic view is neutral and free from any emotional load.

The main results of an energetic view on spirituality is the awareness of:

  • all people are equal.
  • the planet and all that lives on her forms a coherent unity.
  • all spiritual and religious dogmas from any origin are manmade.

Universalization – the transformative process of letting go of all spiritual and religious convictions and letting go of all their accompanying judgmental ‘good or evil’ thoughts, into an intuitive attitude directing towards surrendering to the Soul and the intuitive reception of her impulses.


Kirsten – march 2019

Kundalini, Universal Energy of Spiritual Life

Universal Energy of Life, subtle electricity, has maintaining, healing and conducting qualities.

The human being is a highly energetic complex unity, functioning on four different levels of existence and in different levels of awareness, the ordinary consciousness, the sub-consciousness and intuitive awareness. Within this totality it is the subtle electricity that functions as an all-round indispensable resource.

In energetic sense, man is a very complex unity, functioning at four different levels of existence, and in different levels of consciousness that can be divided roughly into three levels of observation: the daily-consciousness, the subconscious and intuitive awareness (‘expanded’ consciousness). Within this totality is the subtle electricity as an all-round indispensable source.

There is a difference between instinctive, intuitive and expanded awareness!

Subtle electricity also is the resource of Initiation of Universal Energy of Spiritual Life.

The awakening of Spiritual Awareness in Mankind.

As above, so below. The development of the individual Soul is under the guidance of the energetic influences of the Solar system; the astrological birth chart is a graphic design of how someone uses energy.

Over many millennia the development of the Over-Soul is under the ‘guidance’ of the influence of long-term cosmic (astrological) cycles; Mankind has developed from primal unto great civilizations of the East and further unto now, a time of transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

The Spiritual Awakening of Mankind very well might have been at the beginning of the Age of Aries, Aries is the Initiator, a spark of Fire, of Light. Developing from just some individuals who led the way in the Age of Aries, unto individuals who showed the way unto the Path in the Age of Pisces. Now, at the beginning of the Aquarius Age, we are able to walk the Path accomplishing a full Soul connection.

Spiritual Awakening is “consciousness of the Unity of Creation”. The awakening leads to the realization that the individual Soul and the Over-Soul are ‘one and the same ‘; all people are alike in Soul and in personality. We only differ in minor personal aspects; I am another you, and you are another me. This awareness leads to the living experience of “Unity” in all there is.

In this Age of Aquarius, we will explore the qualities and abilities of Universal Souls especially within cooperation with other Universal Souls. It is through Universal Soul-Interactions that the full potential reveals itself.

Under perfect circumstances (*1), a collective of universal souls consciously will function as a transcendental Ashram, an energetic catalyst that facilitates and initiates both individual- and group processes of transformation and healing, on a global scale.

The Individual awakening of Spiritual Awareness

Initially Universal Energy of Spiritual Life, Kundalini, awakens through ultimate balance between Yin and Yang energies within the heart center. When there is an overall balance, Kundalini may ignite the other chakras and even cause a chain reaction. Ultimate balance between masculine and feminine subtle energetic forces, is able to ignite and fuse together initiating something completely new, a true Awakening in a new energetic situation.

The ignition in the heart center is immediate, the awareness of the personality is stunned. Initially there may be instant understanding and one may be over the moon, … one is Enlightened!

When Universal Energy of Spiritual Life Awakens, Spiritual Fire is ignited in a physical body that is composed of water and earth. Personality and body are closely intertwined and will need time to adjust to the new situation, and then there is the mind who likes to take over, trying to take things in its own ‘hands’ to take control over the whole process… Intuition will come to the rescue.

All is energy including our thoughts and deepest intentions.

The initial ignition may function as an accelerator within the chakra system. Spiritual Fire -Kundalini energy- not only has a tendency to incite towards spiritual development and -growth, it may also speed up abilities to intuitively balancing other chakras.

In karmic scenarios, Spiritual Fire may enhance energetic imbalances and arouse latent spiritual ambition or even intensify psychological disorders; Spiritual Fire may be the cause of severe delusions or psychoses (*2).

Balancing on a cord.

Spiritual development of the whole of mankind depends on individual awakening of Spiritual Fire. The ultimate subtle ‘substance’ however is not harmless.

The personal mind has a tendency to focus on opportunistic use of Spiritual Fire; while it has in most cases not the faintest idea how or where to use Kundalini. In best (intuition developing) circumstances the personal mind has an observing role for occurring synchronicities between intuition and reality.

Our living environment is an opportunistic conditional reality. Shifting towards “Awakening in the Unity” is opening up and tuning in to the unconditional inner -ultimate gentle- reality of the Soul.


*1 Perfect circumstances: Unity in dedication, focus and purpose; in perfect circumstances (the energy within) the Field functions as a Spiritual Master. Universal Souls are highly sensitive to the energy in the Group Field. Souls with newly ignited Heart Centers will probably need time to adjust their energetic system to the other (higher) energetic frequency of the Field and to recognize this as a leading energy.

*2 This is my personal perspective; The traditional medical and psychiatric science is not or hardly familiar with transcendental energies; so far, they can only be observed, by means of intuitive inner seeing, hearing, feeling etc.

Kirsten – February

In the moment

A new beginning?

Man has given all visible and invisible objects and phenomena under the Sun a name. And through this designation we value and judge over all that ‘is’ in time and space.

All is loaded/charged energy and every thought, symbol, name or color has its own frequency. A number is a combination of digits with one or more different frequencies. It can be considered as a name. The combination of frequencies forms its own radiation. The rank order, of digits and characters, has its own significance (sound).

Passing from 2018 into 2019 is changing just one digit in the whole number, which has its effect on the overall frequency of the New Year and on the whole of Mankind.

Every sunrise is a new beginning

Every single moment is a new beginning and may be completely different from the previous one and offers opportunities for self-forgiveness, for self-release and to start anew.

The only thing that may stop us from our passage towards self-initiation is in our own being.

There may be all kinds of reasons to do something, or just the opposite, to do nothing; all these reasons are in one’s own mind and own psychological energetic system.

We may believe that the outside world is ‘against’ us, or we may feel a victim of outward circumstances or of people. We even may feel haunted to achieve some spiritual or religious grade, status or ability because of the pressure of social media.

How someone experiences the outside reality is a reflection of one’s inner psychological reality and we are able to overcome all our supposed internal hindrances.

Inabilities to let go because of our dependence to control can turn into trust, inner peace and surrender to spiritual guidance of the Soul.

Walking the intuitive way

All feelings and thoughts of inadequacy/impotence, or just the opposite, of supremacy /superiority are psychological and are imbalances in the energetic chakra system. Imbalances tend to claim our (constant) attention by psychological mechanisms or hindrances in order to gain a new balance. A new balance brings a new horizon and new abilities and sometimes even an initiation into a new level of personal psychological development.

Energetic imbalances manifest themselves in the four lower chakras, the base-, the sacral-, the Solar plexus and the heart chakra. These are the fundamental chakras of our physical-, emotional- and mental being. The condition of these chakras tells; -the gradation of acquired self-knowledge, -to what gradation we accept and love our own being and, -indicates the extent we have taken our place between the people we love and between all Mankind.

The aim is balance on all levels and in all energetic frequencies. When there is an overall equilibrium, a focused attention for the intuitive senses can arise.

There is no rush and nevertheless no moment to lose to be aware of intuitive information. Intuitive impulses or hunches are signals of the intuitive senses. The physical senses including thought, may guide us in the physical reality, the dominant frequencies of the encompassing grid, the Matrix. The intuitive senses are the senses of the Soul, they may guide us towards an increasing sense of self-knowledge and profound understanding of our deepest motives and intentions in life, they point out the direction one is moving in.

Practicing staying in the moment and activating the intuitive senses

Dear reader, to take up practicing meditation or ‘being in the moment’ is working on your whole energetic chakra system. Planning, taking time and implementing intuitive development on a daily basis is balancing all the lower chakras and this will have a beneficial effect on your whole system.

You are doing this for yourself and you are the most important person in your life. Become aware of the origin of your intentions and motivations and how you ‘use’ energy when breathing, moving, acting. Please be aware that opportunistic acts without love for the Soul every energetic imbalance may worsen. Treat yourself with the utmost respect, a sense of humility and gentleness while implementing a new sacred ritual and be patient.

Starting meditating:

  • Find or create a space where you feel safe and at home.
  • The first intention/visualization is ‘grounding’. Connect your base chakra with the core of ‘Mother Earth’, Gaia. With this intention you accept your current incarnation in this moment in time and in this place. To be able to learn to meditate is something to be grateful for.
  • The second intention/visualization is to connect your crown chakra with the ‘highest’, cleanest, purest, most unloaded imaginable place in the universe as far away as possible from the Matrix grid, by zipping a transparent ‘line’ straight up. With this intention you can become aware of all spiritual and religious theories, ideas and assumptions that you hold in your system. If you want to purify your inner intuitive receiving ‘device’ than get rid of all this clutter by gently letting-go. You may discover some assumptions to be (very) persistent.
  • The third intention/visualization is to connect these two lines within the heart center and while consciously following the breathing air flowing in and out, remain with your attention within this place. With this intention/visualization and your (emphatic) permission, your mind may calm down and rest a while.
  • If you permit yourself, you may receive inner silence and inner space and may allow your attention to ‘sink in’ the sacral chakra. In this place ‘attention’ is ‘feeling’ in an ultimate subtle way: sensing which is no more nor less open, peaceful and attentively waiting/resting in silence. In this place you may find remaining burdensome emotions if you feel the time is right you may release yourself from all pain and sorrow in any way you need.

A proper grounding is essential especially for spiritual orientated or extra sensitive perceptive people. The idea is to stay in close connection with your base or foundation and simultaneously stay open for intuitive reception and remaining in a meditative attention. So, in the physical reality your two feet stay firmly on the floor, your attention is in the present moment and your inner senses are open and in a receiving mode; the ultimate cooperation between head and heart.

Do you feel the need to serve the self? No worry, this may not be selfish. Our very first ‘task’ is to take ‘care’ for our own physical and psychological well-being. Eventually you may discover that you serve Humanity through self-initiation, Soul-reconnection and following the spiritual Path.




The Divine Plan

Universal Spiritual Work

The Soul, a causal and most transcendent and universal part of the human microcosm, is bound to her living being, the physical and psychological microcosm.

On all levels of existence, the physically-, the emotionally-, the mentally- and spiritually-, all living human beings are bound within the Matrix grid.

So the Soul is bound within the Matrix grid.

All things under the Sun has a name and within that name is its meaning. The Matrix grid is the ‘world’ with meaning; Creation itself has no meaning, it gets meaning through the human mind. Essentially “Giving Meaning” is an act of differentiation and it is splitting up the original “Unity” of Creation. As humans we have a intense need for giving sense to life itself and the ‘world’ that we live in, and this need makes us psychological beings rather than physical.

The split from the Unity originates from the dawn of human self-awareness from the discovery of “there is a me and there is a you”. Without the conscious realization Man divided his (and her) reality into opposites.

Our main oppositional differentiation is ‘Life and Death’ which not only is a physical opposition. We have developed a complicated psyche and by doing so we created multiple psychological dimensions and even an afterlife. We hold all these dimensions as very important or even sacred or divine, so we also developed strong innate urges of psychological survival to protect all ‘meanings of life’ that we have created.

Until we begin to remember and begin to feel the (loss of the) original “Unity” we will not ‘move’ from the Matrix towards the Path.

Following the Path is an intuitive individual process to restore the root of the most inner split from the spiritual Unity and this is a matter of profound intuitive understanding of how ‘to walk’; Intuitive fine-tuning of the energetic balance of male and female elements of the energetic chakra system and intuitively discovering all our profoundly hidden desires to a meaningful spiritual or humanitarian status (fame).

Fine-tuning “Love”.

The individual split is a representation -and a part- of the collective split within the whole of Humanity. Essentially the development of human self-awareness is the cause of the current schism in the peoples.

We may have unconditional love for our family, but for our own circles and associations this may be much more difficult. Subjected to the gravitational forces of the Matrix, our innate psychological forces and urges often operate in an automatic way to protect ourselves for harm or loss, preventing true solidarity for Mankind.

The Divine Plan for Humanity includes the liberation of the Soul from the gravitational forces of the Matrix grid and from all natural and psychological urges to survive. The liberation of the Soul enables to relate and work in global group formation that is free from the Matrix reality. Relationships between Souls are based on the transcendental energetic field of the Spiritual Unity. The personality of Souls may differ; in Soul all Souls are alike.

Spiritual development is a continuation of personal evolvement by developing intuitive awareness; fine-tuning of the perception of subtle energy and this takes place in the heart center. The heart center activates by an ultimate equilibrium between male (+) and female (-) energies initiating a ‘bridge’ to the intuitive senses of the Soul preparing for following the Path. The actual activation and continuation of the subtle functionality of the heart center is a hidden and mysterious however ultimate universal human process that is propelled by “Love”.

There is a difference in social spirituality and transcendental spirituality and initially we may find it hard, especially intuitively, to make a distinction between the two, which one to follow. The microcosmic personality needs to learn to trust his or her intuitive sensing of the ‘transcendent attractions’ of the Soul to focus entirely on finding inner surrender to the Soul.

Setting Free. Essentially heading towards and following the Path is to find inner surrender unto the deepest levels of the psyche by sacrification. Sacrification of; -our supposed control over the spiritual process, of -all our conscious and subconscious meanings for life, and finely of -all our urges of psychological and even physical survival.

The whole of the physical universe, plant life, animal life and humanity, has deeply embedded instincts of survival. Inner surrendering to death feels unnatural. Surrendering to the Spiritual Unity without any meaning (within the Matrix reality) feels unnatural. The Soul is (a part of) the Spiritual Unity. Actively fighting or eliminating Matrix bonds is a natural reaction and will only strengthen their grip on our awareness or become obsessions.

Love between Eve and Adam

The very first split of the spiritual singularity has set all into motion, ‘it’ created the universal masculinity Yang, and the universal femininity Yin, and the energy that flows between them. A spiritual Unity with two different loaded ‘poles’ (+ and -) and universal energy of life, subtle electricity.

The spiritual Unity encompasses the entire universe and flows within and through all that is and through that ever was.

Within the physical body universal energy of life plays a role in balancing the energetic field of life, the aura and the energetic centers the chakras. The energy has a tendency to flow where it is needed. Imbalances in our psyche, these are energetic imbalances of one or more chakras, may however block the natural flow of universal energy of life and instead attract energy (gravity) from other sources to achieve energetic Yin-Yang balance through healing or sacrificing the blockade.

Social-spiritual survival within the energetic chakra system

The individual energetic field of life has numerous different radiating frequencies. The seven energetic wheels, chakras, are the most distinguished in this field.

On the four levels of existence, the whole energetic chakra system is linked with equal charged frequencies in the energetic system of other people within the Matrix Field.

On the emotional-, mental- and spiritual levels our energetic system energetically (telepathically) is connected with equal specifically charged frequencies; this is best to experience intuitively or by close observing actual communication between people within families, groups and organizations. Physical proximity is significant.

Social spiritual bonds are the deepest bonds. Their origin may be ancient and in world religions they are global. These Archetypal bonds may be related to former lives, play a major role within the current spiritual life and have deep significant meaning and status.

Instincts of both physical and social-spiritual survival firmly are integrated within the deepest levels of the psyche.

The 1stchakra – physical survival – preservation of physical life.

The 7thchakra – social-spiritual survival – preservation of social-spiritual status within the specific spiritual-religious group.

The 4thchakra is the center of social and social-spiritual survival through actual people-to-people communication or the center of Soul-connection by means of intuitive communication; our focus (led by our deepest intentions) is socially-spiritually or transcendental-spiritually concentrated.



Diving deeply into the field of the unconsciousness

Initiating an inner sanctuary

Each spiritual Initiation is a matter of ‘receiving’; spiritual development is essentially discovering how psychological to open in order to free from the gravitational forces of the Matrix.

Essentially the direction of our path in life, our life’s program, comes from deep within, from the unconsciousness. The motivations and intentions that propel us through life lie in this, for a great deal hidden, part of the personality.

Superficially striving for growth and active acquiring of knowledge forms the personality. In energetic sense the personality is a composed energetic field and superficially ‘formed’ from the outside in through upbringing, education and following people or trends. And to a certain extend also formed through spiritual/religious education and by following spiritual/religious teachers. They can point out the way. The ‘receiving mode’ however, can only be found within oneself.

Initiation of the inner sanctuary is by ‘receiving’. Unto the deepest and darkest levels of the psyche it is the personality (and all of her mechanisms) that block and prevent reception. The main -Matrix- barrier making a full reconnection with the Soul impossible lies in the deepest levels of the psyche.


The artificial ego

The individual Soul-searcher eventually comes in contact with his or her archaic remains, a complex composite energetic field that is within the deeper (older) layers of the psyche, it is the basis of an artificial part of the self.

Basically the artificial ego is an inner Idol, an Archetype, a psychological projection of an image of spiritual mastery and can be of any spiritual or religious origin.

In energetic sense, the image is loaded with a complex collection of spiritual concepts (including dogma’s) and very deep feelings that reflect how we appreciate our spiritual or religious disposition and development.

When we get to ‘know’ our own inner Idol we usually are deeply impressed. Our own Idol can be recognized through reflection of the Inner Idol of an advanced spiritual individual. There may be intense or even life-changing feelings and we may very easily become under its spell; the nature of an inner Idol is charismatic, alluring, hypnotic and highly addictive.

Our main driving factor for living, choosing, acting and creating is in the depths of our (primal) psyche. If we forget that we only play a role to provide livelihood, and fully identify with the image then from our own perspective we become the Idol and get stuck in the spell.

The inner Idol projection can ‘grow’ into such enormous (Mythical) proportions that we may start to believe we have become God Himself.

The artificial ego is connected to the instincts of spiritual self-preservation. Spiritual self-preservation equals urges of physical survival; we have become the Idol and when we loose that status, we loose our self. Once under the spell of an Idol, the ambition may ignite a true mythical clash between rivals within spiritual or religious circles.

This psychological mechanism stirs latent spiritual ambition; we cannot accept ourselves as we are. Instead we can crave as spiritually developed or even as ‘Master’ to be recognized. Within groups of people or even within groups of kindred spirits the artificial ego brings discrimination and inequality.

Identification with the artificial Ego forms the deepest root in the energetic Matrix Field to overcome. The artificial ego is the last and main barrier that is between the Matrix and the freedom of the Soul, and also the main cause of rivalry between peoples of different religious and spiritual origin.


Recommendations for coalesce with the Soul. Aligning and purging the receiving ‘mode’.

Within the depths of our psyche are two opposite desires: one desire to differentiate or even to outshine in spiritual mastery, and one desire to connect, or even coalesce to become One (with ‘God’). These two desires radiate craving energies each originating from opposite sources; they either attract towards the gravitational forces of the Matrix, or towards the ultimate subtle energies of the Soul.

Scrutinize intentions and motivations; do they arise from ambition to outshine in some way in spirituality, or do they arise from love for the One Spiritual Unity?

Be completely honest with yourself and remove those rose-colored glasses with all supposed good intentions of bringing Love, and Light to the world.

Learn to be a caring, patient and forgiving (inner) parent for yourself and learn to be profoundly present (centered) within your own being.

Align your focus. While diving deeper inside, you will approach profound instincts of psychological archetypal survival and psychological ‘forces’ will increase in strength and tenacity! One may need to remember on a daily basis it is the psyche that tends to divide and separate into a hierarchical order, while the individual Soul and the group Soul are one and the same; any object or space can be loaded with the thought-energy of ‘Unity through equality, fellowship and freedom of the Soul’ and be used as a remembrance anchor.

Work towards energetic balance in the chakras and chakra system, and self-knowledge through meditation and by developing a calm conscious and intuitive presence in every moment.

Be conscious of the facts that ‘coalescing with the Soul’ comes from free will and from positive ‘Soul-approaching’ choices. Inner resisting and fighting “against” will only strengthen the inner blockades. All energies that may hinder you in any way are inside yourself; they are reflected in the energetic fields of other people. Just accept that your hindrances proclaim their presence to you.

Kirsten de Groot


“In – or Out of Phase” that’s the question.

The Holistic view

Creation is an energetic unity in which all the different elements hold visible and invisible, tangible and transcendental relations with each other. These relations may get disclosure or remain undetected.

Universal energy of Life is a “Life”-giving transcendental substance, which is a form of ultimate subtle electricity. This transcendental energy is the origin of Creation and ensures all its creatures can live, move and constantly continue to evolve.

Subtle electricity, “Life”, is ultimate subtle energy that moves between positive (Yang or the universal masculine) and negative (Yin or the universal feminine) charged elements (poles).

“Life” is an imperceptible (transcendental) always-flowing and omnipresent energy that may express itself through the physical Creation.

“Life” is eternal; the origin of subtle electricity is in the Genesis of the entire Universe.

“Life” that is flowing through the physical Creation is cyclic; it begins, evolves, ends and begins again.

Within all creatures and elements of the physical Universe, the two universal elements Yang and Yin always stand in a certain ratio towards each other. There is no Yin – or Yang pole that stands absolutely on its own.


True Attractiveness

The natural tendency of mutual attraction of the two poles (Yin and Yang) is to get into an energetic balance with each other. Physical plant and animal life instinctively follow the energetic “rules” within Creation. The law of cause and effect (the law of Karma) is based on the natural tendency of the two ultimate basic charged poles.

Within the whole of Creation, the human mind is the only element that may make a choice between a rational or intuitive decision to follow or to ignore or discard the energetic law.

It is the human mind that needs an inner positive surrender towards the always flowing and omnipresent transcendental energy.

Karma is an energetic Yin-Yang imbalance within the chakras and the energetic chakra system. The energetic chakra system is the radiation of the nerve system that is connected with the hormonal gland system. The hormonal gland system is the bearer of our character and disposition.

The physical ‘follows’ the immaterial. Our thoughts have a certain influence over our whole being.

Energetic imbalances are reflected through our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ‘response’ on the input of our living environment.

Yin and Yang each have own driving force qualities; more of ‘Yin’ is slowing down even towards inactivity; more ‘Yang’ is speeding up towards a more active or even quick action.

Acquiring energetic balance in all chakras is through right understanding of (profound levels of) our psyche and how we respond to circumstances. We may receive equilibrium through right understanding of what specific actions we need to use and when.


Kirsten de Groot