Creation of Duality?

The Biblical Genesis from a holistic view.

Did Eva create duality by taking an apple from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Well, by making a mental choice she could indeed have done that! Some aspects of the Creation story are viewed in this blog from a new holistic esoteric perspective.

The Creation story in the Bible is certainly an exceptional writing, but it is also a source of suggestion and manipulation that has also ensured that the woman was given a subordinate rank compared to the man and sometimes a downright inferior status with regard to religion. Why is it God the “Father”? Or Father, Son and Holy Spirit, twice clearly male? The inequality between man and woman does not fit into a holistic and esoteric perspective, but what if Adam and Eve, the very first created humans, represent universal parameters and not individuals?

Genesis is the first chapter / book in the Bible that describes the Creation of man. Genesis (Origin) tells of Adam and Eve being expelled from Paradise because they have been disobedient (to God). A snake in a tree tempts Eve to take an apple from the forbidden tree. She offers the apple to Adam. Adam is seduced by the apple. Some think this story is about literal disobedience to God (and to the man), and blame it on Eve’s (on the woman) temptation tactics that Humanity is now plunged into duality and sin.


Genesis of Yang and Yin

Suppose Adam and Eve represent the universal male and female, what could the Creation story have to say?

Yin and Yang are names for universal feminine energy and masculine energy. The Yin / Yang symbol is a circle with a black and a white field in curved teardrop shapes that fit together with contrasting dots in them. The two fit perfectly in the circle and leave no room for anything else! The Yin / Yang symbol ‘carries’ meanings of opposite extremes, yet Yin and Yang are completely in harmony with each other and form a unity.

Objectively speaking, each color has as much space as the other color. So in terms of space, Yin and Yang are equal. In terms of color intensity, they are extremes of each other. The color itself, white or black, says something about the quality of their cargo, which is utmost masculine or utmost feminine. Yin is universal feminine negatively charged energy. Yang is universal male positively charged energy. The dots in the opposite color indicate that Yin and Yang always go together and are in a certain ratio to each other.

However, the value of each color and how they both fit together is determined by our own perception and our inner response to it and is subjectively and personally determined. For example, we may hate black or white. Inwardly, the symbol then gets an extra charge through our thoughts and feelings or what we see in the symbol and that has happened to Adam and Eve, they have undergone valuations.

Yang, Adam, was created first. Yin, Eva, was taken from the “middle” of Yang, a “rib”. A rib is a horizontal bone that lies in the standing human body at the height of the waist, in the middle. The standing person forms a “One,” a vertical Axis (1) and the rib is a horizontal Axis (earth and water) that crosses the center of the 1. A cross is created that often symbolizes “burden” and “karma,” the earthly reality; this cross also has a center.

In reality, the positive and negative poles cannot have arisen independently of each other, but may have originated together and simultaneously from Singularity. Yin and Yang as a two-unit is the first form of two-pole consciousness. This is a two-pole charged energetic Field that is part of the Singularity and can be called the Christ Consciousness. Singularity is symbolized by the circle around the Yin-Yang symbol.

Singularity is One and 1 is male. From that Singularity Yin and Yang arise, a two-unit, in human terms the “Son”. The two-unit Yin and Yang is the first (1) and most basic form of Man, male and female energies, from this two-pole energetic unit (universal Life energy), Creation can (philosophically) arise. “I and the Father are One,” John. 10:30

Adam and Eve are Yang and Yin in the earth plane. The fact that Adam was created first in the story means that he represents the universally masculine Action and Eve then the universally feminine Inertia. Adam and Eve together form a cross consisting of a vertical Axis and a horizontal Axis, the four elements, vertices or four cardinal points of Earth’s reality. Fire and air are the male positive elements of the vertical Axis. Water and Earth are the feminine negative elements of the horizontal Axis.

If Adam and Eve represent the universally masculine and feminine in the terrestrial plane, what would that say about the serpent and the apple by which they are each attracted and seduced? The snake is in a tree (air). The apple is the fruit of the earth. The negatively charged feminine is attracted to the positively charged ‘spiritual, mental, passionate (air and fire). The positively charged male is attracted to the negatively charged appearance and inner (psyche) of the earthly form (water and earth).

Consciousness is energy and can have a charge and an orientation. We (realize that we) exist thanks to our self-awareness.

The two trees

It is said about two trees. A tree of Life from which to eat, and a tree of the knowledge of good and evil from which they may not eat. Suppose these trees symbolize the spine and the endocrine gland system with its energetic chakra nodes and energetic radiation field. By eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we try to mentally determine what our endocrine gland system, the carrier of our psyche, needs by choosing between good and evil. Do not judge. Eating from the tree of Life is using the intuition and unconditionally bringing the chakras into a subtle energetic balance; the tree of living water, universal life energy.

The trees are in the Earth. The physical body of flesh and blood, the psyche and the Soul of both men and women are negatively charged. The Spirit is positively charged. Spirit and Soul attract each other.

The Fall

By choosing intuitively, we are connected in and with Unity. By making a mental choice we choose duality. Man chooses mentally and as a result we lose innocence; we distinguish and judge with that.

Thanks to our self-awareness, we ourselves are the Creators of duality. If we don’t have a choice, we accept what is available. With a choice we will consider which choice is better suited for us, has more value and this is partly determined by what we consciously, but certainly also unconsciously desire.

Our biggest stumbling block is that we have a desire-driven automatic-mental reaction of comparing, classifying and judging.

The fig leaf

The fig leaf serves to hide the differences between men and women in an effort to preserve Unity; men and women are equal to each other. All the rituals, ancient surviving and brand new that we now perform are still attempts at this, the preservation of Oneness.

The fratricide

Cain and Abel are the sons of Adam and Eve as the mental duality. Double (2 X) Yang is a surplus of Yang energy and that evokes extreme spiritual ambition, jealousy and rivalry. Mental duality brings nothing but evil and crime against Unity, the Oneness. Mental duality breaks Unity; it is SIN. Archetypes are the psychological progeny of mental duality.

Why were universal ‘parameters’ personified?

Creation stories are usually ancient stories full of symbolism about the origin of man and perhaps they were originally only intended for spiritual Adepts who were allowed to go in the path of initiation.  You could imagine that they were initially passed down orally from High Priest to High Priest and that they were eventually written down and have undergone several translations and thus also changes.



Accountability: This holistic energetic view of the Creation story from the Bible originated from an intuitive, esoteric and energetic background of Astrology, Numerology and Chakra philosophy. Presumably the authors of Genesis, but also of other Creation stories, knew about energetic charges, but of course also about subtle electricity; psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and telepathy, are timeless.

The greatest spiritual challenge

It has been my experience that the greatest challenge for all spiritual seekers and not only spiritual teachers and therapists, is to find a 100% commitment to spiritual development without any intention; developing an inner attitude of Wu Wei; an inner quality of self-forgetfulness.

Ambition must be converted into dedication or Love. Do your best to no longer do your best and still be fully focused on getting hold of a meditative presence in every moment. Initially, this requires constant awareness of what thoughts are running through your head, and of your grounding and centering.

The second major challenge for all spiritual teachers is to make their students independent of them! Inspire students to a greater spiritual autonomy and authenticity and how they can transform ambition into dedication, teach them to shift the leading role of Solar Plexus to their own Heart Center. The condition is that you as a spiritual teacher have mastered the inner quality of Wu Wei, otherwise you do not know what it is about.

Spiritual Enlightenment can be done in an instant. Finding self-forgetfulness is all the more difficult, the ‘I’ keeps popping up and suppression of the ‘I’ thought will only reinforce the need for control and encourage self-manipulation and self-deception.

If a nice title is promised when taking a course, finding motivation is easy. If there is nothing with which we can achieve tangible results in this society, it is a lot more difficult.

Our problem is that our minds are stuck in cultural and social structures and statuses and that we have to make a living. However, complete dedication to spiritual development is possible in all circumstances, in all professions and during all activities.

In the course of our personal evolution, we have become status sensitive in the deepest psychic layers, and that is still troubling us today. You can read more about the origin of this in the post “The Ancient Ones Part I”.

When Holy Fire turns into sheer ambition; Intoxication by spiritual Fire.

Quote from the Gospel of Thomas:

13 Jesus said to his disciples, “Compare me to something and tell me what I am like.”

Simon Peter said to him, “You are like a just messenger.”

Matthew said to him, “You are like a wise philosopher.”

Thomas said to him, “Teacher, my mouth is utterly unable to say what you are like.”

Jesus said, “I am not your teacher. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring that I have tended.”

And he took him, and withdrew, and spoke three sayings to him. When Thomas came back to his friends, they asked him, “What did Jesus say to you?”

Thomas said to them, “If I tell you one of the sayings, he spoke to me, you will pick up rocks and stone me, and fire will come from the rocks and devour you.”

Translation; Patterson and Meyer

Spiritual enlightenment is a phase in spiritual development. However, it brings exciting and exuberant feelings that can distract someone from one’s own spiritual development. They arouse the ambition to develop the newly acquired insights into society.

Spiritual Fire is a by-product of spiritual Enlightenment, it “kindles” in our being through a conversion of universal life energy into spiritual Fire; Chi or Prana becomes Kundalini and is body-bound.

Spiritual Fire is absent from our world, it only* exists within a human being with an awakened heart. We are not used to the physical and emotional sensations that the energy of spiritual fire brings with it; at first our ability to judge becomes intoxicated. In our excessively Yang-laden society (post: Yang Dominance), Spiritual Fire can easily turn into feelings of intense ambition and a need for spiritual status.

* The orgasm is a very short and less intense flare-up of spiritual Fire. It is not discussed here further, as there is no significant spiritual influence.

Letting go of the outer teacher.

All of humanity is between two great Eras, that of Pisces and of Aquarius. As it were, we are on the threshold to take the next steps in spiritual development, namely, to learn to ‘walk’ freely from outer spiritual guides and to trust in the inner teacher, the inner Mentor and that involves trial and error.

Letting go of the outer Teacher and of our ‘role’ as a spiritual Teacher is a process of developing spiritual confidence and letting go of all spiritual meaning. Status and meaning are man-designed things to serve as a beacon when we really needed it as Humanity. Letting go however is easier said than done, we have been profoundly and widespread moulded by our society and religious and spiritual culture. 

Now we have turned spirituality into a product and isolated it from a continuation of personal development. In principle, you do not need external spiritual guidance that follows and if necessary, adjusts your spiritual awakening and development process. It is the personality that wants to be encouraged and be seen. We are created as a unity and everything we need for our spiritual development is within ourselves, we only need to find an inner drive to inwardly moving on in our intuitive and meditative evolvement.

An awakened heart can develop into an inner Mentor. Internally we need to make a transition to unconditionality, intuitive and spiritual development for no specific purpose and propelled by a dedication, Love, to unlocking the inner source and that implies a dedication to a growing spiritual autonomy and authenticity. Wu Wei or “Do without any intention”.

A second major challenge for all spiritual teachers is to encourage their students and followers to learn to stand on their own spiritual feet; stimulating spiritual autonomy and authenticity! In my experience the most important message that a teacher can give to his or her students is that the ‘source’ is present in each of us and that it needs to be found by ourselves. A teacher can only indicate, not lead.

Spiritual self-confidence and ” Do without any intention ” are inner attitudes, which grow through dedication to intuitive development, a receptive meditative presence and awareness in every moment. This attitude of sheer devotion develops spiritual intimacy within us, a most fulfilling inner closeness with the spiritual Soul. (post: Spiritual Intimacy)

Kirsten May 2020

Esoteric Light

Hidden spiritual teachings and philosophies to come to self-knowledge, and conscious energetic cooperation with the Soul.

Although the Bible is widespread available and astrology and chakra philosophy are common ground, it does not mean that these esoteric sources fully are understood. The overall presence of esoteric traditions hasn’t always been the case, they have been hidden for many ages and were only available for initiates.

Creation is an energetic cohesive Unity that can be perceived and understood through the intuitive perception of the inner senses. Over many millennia, sacred writings such as the Bible, and energetically oriented esoteric philosophies such as chakra teachings and astrology have been created and developed to define that Unity. They once originated intuitively and for those who can perceive intuitively, they are like an encoded spiritual time capsule, which we come into contact with when the time is right; this is based on an energetic mechanism of attraction.

In a spiritual sense we can be touched in the heart like thunder in clear skies; in the first instance, however, we will search for the spiritual within the Matrix field, our living environment, culture and society. We simply don’t know any better, the Matrix is ​​our home; every spiritual quest starts here, and, in most cases, we first activate our brain with reading, listening and thinking.

We make all kinds of plans and devise and organize all kinds of spiritual applications. We would like to implement as soon as possible what we have just discovered for ourselves or learned by following a course; we want action, doing and tangible results and in this way, we make ourselves sensitive to a spiritual survival instinct. What we have can be taken from us; what we are, not.

Main intentions within the chakra centers

This image shows only the major automatic responses of urges of survival within the chakras. The survival instinct is an automatic reaction of all living things. Even plants can protect themselves chemically against animal and human consumption. The survival instinct is a consequence of gravity that Matter exerts on us. The upright walking of the human species is a first attempt to escape those forces and could therefore be called an inspired impulse.

Now we are no longer only bound to nature and the planet. From head to toe we are bound to the social cultural field through our instinctive urge to survive; an automatic reaction of body and mind to flee or fight to save life. Our deepest intentions are the main intentions, they are all focused on Survival. Survival is a basic instinct and is directly linked to the physical field, to matter.

Our total being, the microcosm, body, psyche and energetic radiance or aura, is one. The energetic system consists of 7 main chakras that are related to each other. The 7 centers can be divided into 3 sets and a center, the heart. Self-knowledge extends over the psychological contents of all chakras; our entire being is involved in spiritual development and the liberation of the Soul from the Matrix bonds.

The first set of chakras (1 and 7) focuses on Survival in the physical field (1) and the spiritual field (7). Survival in the physical field is about maintaining and caring for the body; we need food and safety to live.

The 2nd set of chakras (2 and 6) work together in the intuitive observation (2) and assessment (6) of our living environment. This works on the basis of resonance with the outer world.

The 3rd set (3 and 5) is the set of expression resonance of our own being. That expression, which also includes non-verbal communication or body language, is “colored” by the condition of the throat chakra and the Solar Plexus and is thus a “measure” for the condition of our psyche.

Spiritual Survival

The field of the crown chakra (7) is about becoming aware of the coherence and unity of Humanity. Survival is about taking care of and maintaining a healthy psychological field; we need social connections to learn to love ourselves and to become aware of the other, and of the coherence and unity of Humanity. Survival in the spiritual field is initially a purely socially oriented emotional and mental urge that is linked to the heart center. Energy flows are oriented horizontally and commute between our own heart and (the heart of) other people.

The spiritual field undergoes major changes over time. As a baby we are connected to our mother and close family. As our awareness expands, we connect with our classmates, friends, and a little later with the people we work and study with. For some people, these circles of covenant are sufficient.

During the years from growth to adulthood (adolescence), deeper personality parts (Archetypes) incarnate and this is how our specific character, spiritual preference and a desire to connect with spiritual like-minded people develop. Inwardly we can experience conflicting desires; from feelings of being part of a spiritual group to feelings of ambition towards spiritual development and active spiritual service or even spiritual leadership.

The urge for spiritual survival consists of fully conforming to, (slavishly following) the values ​​and norms of a spiritual or religious group (the Archetypal group field), or we aspire more control or a higher position within our religious or spiritual circle and all this at the expense of individual spiritual development and of developing and preserving individual personal and spiritual authenticity.

Spiritual survival is an ancient and profound instinct, we would like to remain part of a group, but the question is what vibrational frequency we, group member, initiate or leader, in an energetic sense as a Soul add to the group field? We all crave connection, intimacy and fusion, we want to be absorbed and cherished, passively consuming. You could say that we are essentially longing for the paradisiacal state of the womb where we formed a Unity with the mother and where we got everything we needed, nothing more and nothing less.

Moments of passivity and ambitious activity continuously alternate.  When we receive awareness of where each come from, we will become aware of our true spiritual desires and focus on them.

Unity in our own Soul is unity with all people

As individuals we form a micro-cosmic unity with the aura field of life as our own individual universe within the unity of Humanity and this means that we can stand on our own in a spiritual sense; we still need the living environment and the other to see the condition of our own energetic system reflected in that energetic mirror. Every person reflects, but we as spiritual workers are increasingly aware that this reflection says something about ourselves and that is what we want to become aware of.

Spiritual development is a matter of developing inner intimacy in our own being, Oneness in ourselves, and this requires an active inner willingness to be open in an intuitive way how we can or will remain in balance. Balance in the energetic chakra system increases the vibrational frequency of our being and as part of a group we have a part in increasing the vibrational frequency of the entire group field, regardless of spiritual gradation, rank or position we add something substantial.

The essence of Creation is a perpetual cyclic Movement in which Unity is difficult to perceive or experience. Esoteric energetically oriented philosophies denote the Oneness of Creation and as we delve into it we activate (resonate) deep parts of the psyche; there may be conscious recognition or a sense of familiarity; intuitively we realize that they can serve as a signpost to that Oneness; they serve as a means and not as an end in itself.

Yin’ s undervaluation (and over-valuation of Yang)

Because of the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine, between Yang and Yin, most esoteric writings have been deliberately hidden and secret for centuries and are usually only accessible to men. From early prehistoric times, Yang has been dominant over Yin. It is thanks to Yin qualities such as the intuitive and sensory capacity that we can resonate inwardly with esoteric and Holy writings such as the Bible and the intuitive perception is located in the heart, which is the center of our being and of the chakra system.

We need social connections for our individual personality development and to become aware of the cohesion and unity of humanity.

In order to learn to listen to our intuitive senses and to restore contact with the Soul, we need meditative reflection to inner silence and inner space. Initially, the social horizontal and spiritual vertical energy flows alternate; our focus changes from working with our fellow human beings to scheduled moments of meditation. Ultimately, we will be able to stay in the heart with our intuitive perception (feeling) and keep our attention to what we are doing. This inner attitude of subtle sensing with an inner antenna and attention in the here and now requires daily practice and application. It is our intention that indicates the direction in which we are moving, that is, or towards intuitive development and reconnection with the Soul or diametrically towards maintaining our social spiritual contacts and activities. The direction is either outward or inward, there is no middle way.

Balance in the energetic centers in our body, the chakras, means that there is a balance in the Yin-Yang ratios in the chakras. There is a balance in the passive-active state of the centers; not excessively passive or active. The centers are related to the endocrine gland system and deal with bodily processes and our mood and are (part of) our character.

Karmic charge

Why does this always happen to me now? Of what happens to us and that we are not happy with, we often tend to reject our involvement, take it personally, or experience it as some kind of punishment or guilt. This is Karma or karmic “charge” and is really an energetic state of imbalance in one or more chakras in the energetic system.

Awareness of the inner “program” is equivalent to gaining self-knowledge and awareness of karmic charge. Karmic charge is an energetic charge that is not yet in balance and that energetic imbalance attracts situations where we are given the opportunity to create more balance.

Esoteric philosophies show an energetic “blueprint” of how we deal with energy flows inwardly and thus provide insight into which energy (more Yin or more Yang) we can balance in certain situations or personal characteristics.

The entire process of awareness is a matter of intimate dedication to meditative and intuitive attention in the here and now and leads to spiritual intimacy with the Soul.

Sacred or esoteric writings speak to the Soul and are intuitive to understand and use! This was once the main reason for only providing or teaching them to intuitively focused people.

The pitfall of esoterism is that we continue to consume the “knowledge” by the brain, and then esoteric texts are collected in our head like books in a library cabinet. Or we lose ourselves in unrealistic magical thinking.

It is the intuitive inner Yin senses that reach beyond the Yang facades of the Matrix reality. That which we have can be taken from us; what we are, not.


Intertwining Energies

How to debug the inner program, a wonderful private path of exploration and developing a loving awareness.

This post is about developing a loving awareness, about clearing our heads and why this is significant especially for Extra Sensitive Perceptive Souls. It is about becoming aware of all thoughts and beliefs that, from the moment we get up in the morning until we go to sleep again, rage through our minds. We are the ‘owners’ of our thoughts. Thoughts are energy and the thoughts that are in our mind, sculpt our focus, mood and even character. Thoughts can be uplifting but can also bring us down.

More than meets the eye.

Every expansion of consciousness has a cost! A sacrifice of a tiny piece of self-centeredness. Step by step and little by little our perspective shifts from our personal issues towards common ground. We may not be aware, but every shift happens from a positive and free choice for a larger awareness and thus for that small sacrifice.

Sometimes we become or maneuver ourselves into a situation where our personal interests are compromised. Here too we have a free choice as to how we deal with this, and whether we opt for the broader perspective or whether we cling to our own interests. Often, we know all too well that if we choose for our own interest, this actually does not serve us in a spiritual way, and even may take us further away.

But sometimes we cannot help but create an inner blockade. We do this ourselves but happens fully automatically. Perhaps the time is not yet ripe, and we must firstly provide in our own needs of self-love and self-care. Political correctness and ‘good manners’ can be very useful in society but not for connecting with the Soul. We simply cannot sacrifice what is not there either. But that doesn’t mean we have to be blunt. The awareness process is a purely inner affair and by becoming aware of inner blockades or resistances and what we really need to remove them, is a significant form of self-knowledge and awareness. Caring for our own Soul’s connectiveness is indirectly caring for Over-Soul connectiveness. What we sacrifice for our Soul, indirectly we sacrifice for others.

Intertwining energies within the microcosm and in the Over-Soul.

Extra sensitive perceptive Souls may have an issue about feeling insecure or even unsafe. Sometimes they may get overwhelmed by subtle impressions or feelings they do not understand or that seem contradictory to their own state of mind. Spiritual development may seem to be redundant, yet ESP Souls are in a definite need of a thorough grounding and centering for developing healthy borders! We need to be aware of what is in our thoughts, what convictions do we ‘own’? What is our general focus on?

Sensitive Souls benefit from holding on a meditative attention in the here and now, staying poised and centered and not jumping to conclusions. Things may not be as they seem, and this is especially within spirituality and matters of religion. In these circles we may have to deal with entangled energies; we may be impressionable for thoughts and / or fears of others and susceptible to mass hysteria, while we are in a spiritual gathering where we also want to open ourselves to the “spiritual and unseen.” Practice staying centered under difficult or stressful situations, make this a private inner challenge. ESP Souls more or less are aware of the intuitive reality and of the Soul, while most people even when attending spiritual services or gatherings, simply are not.

Sensitive Souls may see behind the facades, but also receive (are open to) all kinds of subtle impressions of other people. Once they realize that they are highly sensitive to intuitive impressions, it can trigger a range of responses or even resistances, but that’s fine. We are certainly not victims of the circumstances but are given an opportunity to investigate ourselves and our sensitivity and to work closely with our intuitive senses. We all are unique individuals and personalities with our own specific qualities that can be very useful in transcendent Soul-collaborations.

ESP’ers may be deeply aware that:

Less personality is more boring uniformity.

Less ego may weaken the psychological foundation and brings more instability.

It may be a challenge to bring feelings of oversensitivity and overprotection into balance.  A greater awareness of our own psychology and the workings of energies and our intuitive or emotional response to them, may be really helpful. This is a wonderful private path of exploration.

Less theory is more intimacy. Less theological and spiritual theory brings opportunities for developing the intuition and brings more intimacy within oneself. We need to learn about our true intensions and motivations; they will bring self-knowledge. Spiritual intimacy within oneself develops through integrity, self-reverence and self-forgiveness by this we will profoundly learn to trust our inner voice of subtle intuitive sensing and act upon it.

Sometimes Souls who sincerely are searching for the true Path, study within theory. They love God and do not want to make a mistake of which they believe may be a sin or be evil. These loving Souls actually are in need for deep understanding about the ultimate intuitive aspects of the Path and should learn to trust themselves and their sincere intentions and letting go of what the spiritual Goal may be.

What really may hard to swallow are sensing dark or difficult energies, while our intensions are sincere and true, one may be conscious that all that we sense has an inner component. Maybe we are challenged to stay in a loving awareness and embrace inwardly instead of fighting against. In spiritual development we are up against the inward unknown psychological spiritual reality and not the outward Matrix reality. Inner resistance (fighting) will enhance the darkness, while sincere lovingly embracement will let the darkness disappear. Acceptance is different from surrender!

The field of pure Universal Spirit or the Spiritual Unity! This field has no meaning whatsoever and therefore has a different vibration than everything we are used to within the Matrix reality. The higher frequency may initially feel uncomfortable or give us the feeling that if we ever thought we had any control over our spiritual development and progress, that surely is no longer the case. We are really subjected to this Energy and the only thing we can do is learning to surrender to It. It is this energy that ‘nourishes’ the Soul and through which Soul connections and a collaboration between Souls can function.


Liquid Love

There is a difference between human Love and divine Love, Human Love is emotional charged conditional energy and divine Love is uncharged unconditional energy, and both are within the human heart. In this post you will find a reflection on Liquid Love, universal energy of life, or Chi, Prana, and of universal energy of spiritual life, or Kundalini. On our path towards spiritual development and unification with the Soul it is Liquid Love that brings an initiation within the heart center as a response on inner meditative balancing work. It is through self-observation and selfreflection that we learn to distinguish the very difference between emotional human, or divine Liquid Love.

There is no such thing as a free lunch!

We may feel to be born in freedom, or in a free country, but we dwell in a reality that is based on bartering of goods, money, exertions, time, and in a way that is a good thing.

The root of all evil is not money, it is our original need for power and money is a means of gaining power. The primary need for power is probably to secure our place in the social hierarchy. Some struggle to gain certainty and control and assume that this means they need more money or a higher status to gain power over people.The planet is out of balance. We have poisoned the Earth’s crust, the oceans and the air we breathe. Society, the world, the Matrix reality, is out of balance. There is an overall inequality in power between people, countries and nations and the basic imbalance is that between man and woman and expresses itself in difference in status, and between male and female energies and this expresses itself in mental dominance over intuition. There is an overall basic imbalance between Yang and Yin

The ‘top down’ method to bring into balance might be to force on equality between people, however, this has no effect on the balance between people in a one on one relationship and certainly not within ourselves.

We need to learn to understand where our own need for power is based on to bring these undermining self-destructing energies into balance. We need to learn to accept that inner transformation can only come from love and out of free will.

We may have an influential position, yet we cannot change people or their ways. We can however change ourselves. Developing and changing happens through awareness and free will. Developing individuality, autonomy and remaining in our own authenticity is giving up the comfortable place within the ‘herd’ and may ask courage and courage comes from Love as in dedication and reverence towards our own spiritual development in this time and space (incarnation). Real spiritual progress is made by just taking in our own individual private space; by centering and grounding.

The ‘bottom up’ method of bringing into balance is a highly individual matter for gaining equilibrium but based on our own choice. We use our own partner as an energetic mirror to get to know ourselves to deeper levels of the psyche and to learn to love ourselves unconditionally. Here are character traits that we would rather not have had and that we would rather hide from the world.

The healing of the heart

The human heart finds itself in the center of our entire being. In the energetic heart center, there is the ‘intersection’ of our relationship with the -individual- universe, the microcosm and our relationship with our fellow men.

The flow of human love is charged energy that flows (is sent and received) between hearts and is needed to develop healthy, balanced relationships or to heal imbalances.

Sending heart energy, for example by offering active help or care, seems easier than receiving, but it is the underlying motivation that comes from imbalances in self-worthiness that influences the quality of the energy. If the motivation is focused on meeting one’s own needs, then that energy can have a manipulative effect and develop feelings of disguised superiority and overestimation. If there is for some reason an inability to open up, receiving heart energy can be just as complicated.

The (energy of the) heart center can transform feelings of inferiority or superiority into unconditional self-acceptance. This is the most important driver for the further development of a broader degree of individuality and self-determination.

Intention, Intention, Intention. We are driven by our deepest hidden intentions and motivations. What do you really want with your life? Everything depends on the intention to get to know yourself to deeper layers of the psyche, and self-reflection and observation by feeling physically or intuitively.

A balanced heart center is capable of receiving divine love. In essence, all people receive divine love, but hardly anyone can see, recognize and appreciate it as such!

Love has many faces. “Improve the world and start with yourself” Spiritual and intuitive development is hidden yet profound spiritual service to the Soul and thus to The Over-Soul or Humanity.

It is the flow of energy that is in fact liquid love; energy our bodies and psyches need for to live and to be able to move and to do all the things that we love.

It is the Love between spouses that may awaken a profoundly hidden remembrance and bring it intuitively to our awareness.

Deep within ourselves is a reminder of ‘Oneness’ and through a close relationship with our partner that memory can at some point penetrate our day consciousness and create an inner urge that can lead us to an initiation within the heart center and awaken universal energy of spiritual life, Kundalini. 

Chi, Prana or universal energy of life flows through the energy system of our body. The crossroad within our heart may literally be seen as an energetic crossroad with vertical and horizontal flowing energies. Vertically as a flow between ‘Earth and Heaven’ and horizontally between the heart of our own being and the heart of all other beings we live in co-existence with.

A Liquid Love conductor

Work on spiritual intimacy by practicing both meditative attention and inner receptivity in the here and now. This inner attitude of intuitive feeling and observation may in principle require some practice. Because of our original “herd nature” we are easily distracted and our concentration diminishes. But in the end intuitive observation becomes a natural attitude in which we can stay pure with ourselves, centered in our own microcosm.

Working consciously with Liquid Love; finding the ultimate energetic Yin/Yang balance.

The Yang dominance in society and in ourselves dates back to antiquity in which we switched from a predominantly intuitive perception to a mental perception of thought. Through this mental switch we came up with all sorts of new ideas, but we also increasingly felt the need to control our environment, starting with the necessities of life such as food and protection.

During personal development, awareness and self-knowledge grow through reflection and an outward focus; we learn from external sources including parents and teachers. Until we become aware of an immaterial reality and ask ourselves, in essence and in depth: “What do I need and what does my Soul really need? What is the essence and purpose of my existence?”

Then we can decide to learn to listen to and respond to an inner need for a deeper, intimate and intuitive relationship within and with ourselves and thus with our Soul. What we ‘do’ for our own Soul we do for the Over-Soul. The flow of universal life energy benefits the entire Field.


Between Heaven and Earth

A holistic view on the Aura as a personal Heaven

From a spiritual Holistic point of view, ‘between Heaven and Earth’ means the immaterial subtle energetic content of the radiation of the human body and psyche, the Aura.  

The basis of spiritual service is the fact that every soul is both an individual link in a larger Soul whole, this the Over-Soul, and that the individual Soul and Oversoul are one and the same!

The Soul is the most transcendent, universal and impersonal ‘part’ of the human being. Every person has a Soul, but few people have contact with their Soul. Spiritual development serves to get into a -renewed- close contact with the Soul; it is ultimately the Soul who is the immediate cause of our existence and it is also the Soul who essentially follows the path.

What is between ‘heaven and earth’ or the ‘beyond’, essentially is an undiscovered area. Our presuppositions about this field are based on personal spiritual believes and personal interpretations of all our own ESP experiences or of those of others. All things considered, immaterial experiences are very personal and in principle not to be referred to in physical reality and for many people these are also the reasons why they fascinate us so much!

What we actually ‘know’ about this invisible field is virtually nothing. Thanks to – online – dedicated spiritual group activities worldwide, we have gained some in-depth insights about the Path of the spiritual Soul, the Individual Soul and the Over-Soul, this is the Soul-Field of all people.” from the website of “Universal Soul Interconnectivity

What do we know about the immaterial field? What we do know stems from many empirical personal experiences of a mainly telepathic nature. Telepathy is the transfer of charged subtle energy (information) over certain distance without the intervention of a physical medium such as, for example, the vocal cords in our throat or a technical medium such as, for example, a radio, and without the visual transfer through body language.

As above, so below. As inward, so outward.

What we perceive with the physical senses is given meaning by how we think about the world and people. The intuitive senses perceive through the heart and as long as we do not have enough self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love, the intuitive perception becomes colored or we fill in the blanks according to our own insight and judgment, and we probably place intuitive perceptions and their origin outside ourselves.

The human physical body has an immaterial radiance, an aura. The body is the earth and the immaterial radiance is our heaven. Body and aura form an individual universe, a microcosm and it contains everything we need to get in a renewed close contact with the Soul.

The aura consists of charged subtle energy. Loaded with information expressed in different speeds of vibration. The different speeds of vibrations relate to different aspects in our psyche, character and states of mind.

We radiate what is in our body and in our psyche. In our aura heaven there are energetic aspects that originate from the deepest, oldest, most unconscious and semi-collective layers of the psyche including Archetypal aspects, ancestral aspects of both father’s and mother’s side, and how we think about and relate to our family. All this information is in our individual “heaven” and is “bound” to the physical body.

We think and feel and depending on their impact and how long we hold them, thoughts and emotions find themselves as charged subtle energy in our immaterial aura field for only a short, or for a longer period of time to fade out of it when we let them go.

The human being including his or her aura Heaven forms a very personal and individual universe! The esoteric law “As above, so below. As inward, so outward” is a code for the direct relationships that exist between our personality and the cyclical planetary movements in our solar system, and between our personality and the radiation field or the Aura.

All people have a radiant field of charged subtle energy around their body and psyche and all the auras look a bit alike. The closer the energy is to the body, the more personal it is charged. The further away from the body, the more impersonal or better, the more semi-collective it becomes and can be shared with two or more people. This Archetypal layer is the layer of the so called Akashic chronicles (Hinduism). In the Archetypal field you will find the subtle information of the different world religions and spiritual views. The individual spiritual vision is “linked” to a specific spiritually charged field within the entire Archetypal (Akasha) field.

Inwardly, the reverse seems to be the case; literally superficial personal aspects lie on the surface. The more you turn inwards, the more you come into contact with aspects of yourself that you are less happy with and that you prefer to keep hidden from the outside world. In spirituality we tend to ignore shadow aspects and keep them hidden, but with that we also deny our personal power! Recognizing, balancing and integrating shadow aspects is working on the psychological foundation of self-confidence and autonomy; we learn to love ourselves as we are and within spiritual work our personal strength is an aide preparation for contact with enchanting temptations of the resonance of the inner Archetypes.

The Archetypal field is basically a semi-collective field, it is shared by groups of people. Because of the specific characteristics and qualities of Archetypes as you have been able to read in the previous three posts, “The Ancient Ones part I, II and III”, we experience that energy as special and accept it as a very personal inner spiritual image. We can be under the assumption that we have come into contact with the greatness of our Soul and then gladly accept that impressive but artificial ego status. The energy of the Archetype, however, forms a barrier field of overpowering proportions.

People seem to be autonomous and make conscious choices, but in an energetic sense there are telepathic connections that most of us are not yet aware of.

Most people were born and raised in a specific religious archetypal field and never spontaneously and consciously came into contact with an archetypal field relevant to their spiritual DNA, and they do not realize what impact this may have on their consciousness.

Without being aware of this, there is a – constant – energetic transfer and influence between people, something that everyone, but especially extra sensitive observers, can be aware of. In essence, this is a very old inner mechanism from the time that we lived mainly instinctively. Animals, and especially horses show this, are very instinctively attuned to each other. This is the expression of the inner herd attitude.

Energetic transfer is an expression of the deep instinctive need for the herd, clan or community. In the personal individuation process, people become aware of the effect of individual energetic participation and input within partnerships; this is about fulfilling the deep need for active participation, the active flow of energy in a team. The unconscious instinct becomes conscious feeling and intuition. You are aware that you are an individual autonomous link in the whole; you add something essential as an individual, you are part of, and are jointly responsible for the entire group dynamic. Most spiritually focused people are in this phase of the individuation process. They experience both an enormous drive for action but can also experience an intense need for energetic fusion or spiritual unification that one tries to fulfill by losing oneself in intimate spiritual relationships.

The originally primitive instinctive need for emotional attunement with someone else or with a group forms the basis of Soul collaborations. Initially, the survival mechanism was only necessary to maintain the species or to save the individual or group in life-threatening situations. Spiritual survival instinct is, however, at the basis of the emergence of Archetypes. Now Archetypes are both within the depth of the human psyche and as an impenetrable shell within the invisible Aura of the Over-Soul.

By unconditional surrender to the soul one sacrifices the inner idol of the artificial ego. Liberation of the Soul from the grip of the Archetypes is the Goal and the search for Surrender is the work. In essence, the search for spiritual intimacy and surrender to the soul is a very individual process. In the distant past, only a few were so spiritually developed, but with the help of global internet connections, souls can now enter into conscious transcendent Soul cooperation.

The process of individuation, finding and embedding one’s own identity and autonomy, being receptive to acquiring self-knowledge and dedication to finding Surrender to the Soul, makes collaboration between Souls possible in the immaterial (transcendent) field of the Oversoul. Intuitive and transcendent yet conscious Soul collaboration is based on two or more individuals who are attuned to, or even united with their Soul, and who are in a close online group contact, spiritual intimacy with the Soul.

The Spirit reveals Itself and demonstrates His / Her ultimate subtle energetic functionality between Souls who are committed to following the path of the Soul in group formation; this is the specific spirituality of the Soul in the Aquarius era and serves all of humanity.

Kirsten January 2020

The Ancient Ones part 3, Intuition

The majority of spiritually religious awakened people are currently in a phase of spiritual puberty; looking for meaningful spiritual activities that do justice to our spiritual and intuitive qualities, but do they meet our original ideals and sincerely felt Vocation?

Desire for God, Soul Connection, ‘Unification with God’ and spiritual intimacy are intensely deep desires that we hardly understand ourselves and of which we initially do not know how to deal with them. We are entering an entirely new and unknown territory, for ourselves and for most people and society.

The astral field

Just like the subconscious mind, the immaterial astral ‘field’ is unknown territory for our perceiving consciousness. We are very expectant about our meaningful transcendental content, but we are usually not interested in what might be in our primordial psyche. Our presumptions about the astral field are often related to our inner Archetypes with religious or spiritual values ​​or are a consequence of the meaning we have given to our intuitive perceptions.

The immaterial astral and the subconscious field of perception are interrelated and an inner mechanism keeps them in balance; we try to balance subconscious feelings of dependence and inferiority with the wish of our own spiritual superiority or that of a ‘higher power’; so we can ask ourselves why God does not intervene in terrible events, or prevents them.

The astral field as ‘the beyond’

The physical and the immaterial field, our body and radiance belong together and form a unity. The material and immaterial fields of all people form a unity with each other and in society; in the astral field we experience synchronicity and ESP (Extra Sensitive Perception). The different chakras of all people form seven different fields of energetic vibration in which there are mutual telepathic connections that we are not or hardly aware of. In this compound ‘unity’ we live, work with our inner Archetypes, and we trust in our instinctive intuitive feeling. In and with this energetic unity we work with holistic, esoteric and energetic healing techniques where we are in direct contact or at a short distance with each other and where it is always about restoring the energetic balance in the individual chakra system.

The different Archetypal fields are all subgroups that together form one large Archetypal field; this global Archetypal field forms the outer ‘shell’ of the astral field, the spiritual artificial ceiling in the ‘unity’ of humanity.

The transcendental field

The transcendental field is the universal unloaded ‘Field of Unity’; it has no other religious or spiritual significance than spiritual ‘Unity’. We are intuitively in contact with this field. This ‘contact’ can be compared with a lightning bolt, a flash of immediate insight and instant understanding.

All the spiritual presumptions that we have come from our spiritual and religious experiences in the astral field. Because of our predominantly ‘Yang’ oriented upbringing and peer pressure from our family, friends and colleagues or fellow students, there is a good chance that we project an original transcendental spiritual touch, that allowed us to experience a glimpse of unconditional love, spiritual freedom, and genuine brotherhood, on objectives in the astral field. Society and our presence and participation therein form a unity, but in the energetic sense the astral field is incompatible with the transcendental field. The astral field is indeed part of the transcendental field, but the transcendental field is not part of the astral field. In the astral field, the transcendental field can only exist in an ‘awakened’ heart, but we will in the first instance be tempted or tempt others to create a heaven in society.


As long as we seek our spiritual salvation in the outer world, settle for social connections and rely on what our spiritual status yields, we will not meet our deep desire for God.


How the pure awakened heart is abducted and infected.

An awakened heart or a deep spiritual experience can bring intense and overwhelming feelings of pure joy and spiritual meaning. A perfect Yin-Yang balance in the heart has led to a spiritual initiation, we have been touched by the transcendental field and for some time we can feel truly blessed. Inwardly, we now make a link between having strong good feelings and contact with another ‘reality.’ After a while, however, these feelings of spiritual uplifting fade and we no longer feel connected, intuitively however we certainly are; the spiritual touch is a transcendental initiation by means of a spark of Spiritual Fire, and the intense feelings are caused by a first spark of Kundalini energy, body-bound Spiritual Fire.

With the disappearance of those feelings our new emotional anchor point disappears from the heart and we can feel lost. We count on our memory and trust our feelings but no longer our intuition; we fall back on our so well-known inner Yang attitude by turning our focus outside again and responding to our feeling that we need to ‘do’ something. It is at this point that the pure awakened heart comes under the control of the personality, our ego takes the lead and decides whether, how and to what extent we devote ourselves to our spiritual development. It is also at this point that we are tempted to use inner Archetypes with a borrowed status in the astral field under the denominator, ‘if it does not help, it does not harm.’

Spiritual awakening is a complex ‘maturing and discovery process’ in which feeling (heart), thinking (head) and intuition play the leading roles; we prepare ourselves inwardly to align ourselves spiritually with the intuitive spiritual nourishment and guidance of the transcendental field. Nourishment to test the spiritual ‘truth content’ of the astral field and guidance to ‘guide’ us from the known astral field to the unknown transcendental field.

It is also a ‘delicate’ process in which we can learn to recognize the difference between feeling and intuition so that we can increasingly learn to trust our intuition. A pure intuition depends on the energetic balance in our chakras, any imbalance especially in the lower four chakras disturbs the reception. A meditative awareness in the here and now can help us test intuitive perceptions for their value and validity. After the transcendental Yin-Yang fusion, the heart center can also fall back to an astral feeling-imbalance, and the energetic astral jungle full of meaning can give the transcendental experience an astral label or fall into oblivion.

Even without retreating to a spiritual community or monastery, we can fully focus on our spiritual development and at the same time perform our activities in society, which we are still part of. Gradually our perception of feeling shifts from the heart to the sacral chakra our instinct, it is focused on living and surviving in the physical reality and can warn us of real life-threatening danger but can also help fine-tuning the energetic balance. Now we can fully devote ourselves to intuitive closeness with the transcendental field, ‘walking alongside God’ to become aware of the effects of the Archetypal barrier that still are standing in the way of a complete connection with and Surrender to the Soul.

Kirsten, November 14

The Ancient Ones part 2

Archetypal Old- and New-Age issues including Channeling

Our personal development is based on our descent from the primordial human and it shows similarities with the stages of development from baby to adulthood. We begin as an energetic unity with, and completely dependent on, our mother and, in a few decades, develop superficially into free-standing people.

If we become somewhat aware of Archetypal influences in our personality, then our attitude can be compared to a spiritual puberty; We have great ideals, want to change the world and are sensitive to conspiracy theories; we think we have a monopoly on wisdom and want to try everything ourselves; we see no danger anywhere and don’t care about authority, but we are very sensitive to the group pressure of spiritual group members. We need constant mutual confirmation from each other.

In general, the personal development focus is externally concentrated on functioning in society, but we are hardly aware of what is happening in our subconscious mind. In the spiritual sense we are still insecure, needy and dependent people who yearn for connection and spiritual intimacy but would rather safely follow the mass, than to descend into our own being and look for the connection there, this requires courage.

We plant our legs firmly on the ground as we explore for ourselves what lives in our subconscious mind, what drives us, what our needs are and what we deeply desire. Meditative activities are more Yin-loaded activities and forms of spiritual self-care. Perhaps we are naturally spiritually focused, or we are slowly but surely growing towards this, it is certain that on our way in we will come into contact with Archetypal energy at some point.

The inner confrontation

We can be deeply touched or confronted by the spiritual radiance of someone else. Without being (probably) aware of this, our inner Archetype is touched that resonates on that input. We become aware of ‘something’ in ourselves, a quality or ability that we quietly or excessively compliment in someone else; ambition arises, we also want what he or she has.

We have lived many lives in many different times and in many different spiritual cultures in which we may have had highly profiled spiritual or religious functions that brought us power over circumstances and over people. In the past, the old wisdom was not widespread, but instead assigned to a small selected group of people who could resonate with it. The exclusivity may have led to supernatural status and positions for spiritual guides, teachers, and leaders. We can easily imagine that this could also have caused all sorts of complex spiritual mystifying thoughts and feelings of jealousy or desire in people who were excluded from the ancient teachings. Remains of the once heavily charged mystifying thoughts and ideas can still be found in the deepest primal areas of the human psychological energetic system and play a distinctive role here in subconscious feelings of inadequacy or, on the contrary, overcompensation, feelings of superiority! These very complex and deep feelings are mostly unconscious, but they do determine our attitude and actions.

Depending on our character and personal views on spirituality and belief, we will link an Archetype as a status of spiritual superiority and power to our own personality. You can think of the compulsory execution of ‘good works’, the ‘helpers’ syndrome. Or to misuse any achieved spiritual or religious degree to provide for our own needs and desires which is far more common than you think. We can also present ourselves as a spiritually initiate (Esoterist) who is religiously, spiritually and intuitively highly developed, but in reality, we experience this primarily in our thinking.

Or we will project from an ignorance and feelings of dependence and modesty, an inner Archetype explicit on an external source, this can be a form of false modesty and a means of empowering and ratifying ourselves through that ‘source.’ We may be under the assumption that we are in contact with God, Jesus, (arch) angels or other immaterial beings, guides, possibly with other galaxies. An archetype brings great feelings of solidarity and it can entail special ESP qualities; such as mediumship, communication with the ‘beyond’ and channeling. This is a form of automatic writing and would be telepathically ‘passed on’ or ‘received from’ an immaterial spiritual Master or Saint ‘from the spirit,’ but actually that seems rather far-fetched. Is there perhaps an explanation for these phenomena that is much more obvious?

We may be under the assumption that a respected spiritual pastor has knowledge of what is between heaven and earth and can provide an answer to this, but is this assumption correct? We may safely assume that pastors of any religious signature have a great knowledge of sacred traditions, but their insights about our immaterial reality will be based on very ancient texts and traditions rather than their own direct intuitive experience.

Spirituality is their field of activity, but the traditional spiritual and religious institutions have little or no insight into our energetic immaterial reality and the phenomena that this immaterial field evokes. In the New-Age spirituality they are given their own and new meanings that also arise from written traditions, ‘secret teachings’, from the (far) East. The immaterial is an unknown territory for most people, and that makes it mysteriously attractive or, on the contrary, demonically scary, and thus becomes a useful means of manipulation.

Mediumship and channeling are very sophisticated forms of mental manipulation and deception. They mislead by suggesting the existence of a spiritual hierarchy and by ‘borrowing’ the status of a saint to validate and reinforce their message. They manipulate by issuing signals of mental dependence and these forms of intuitive communication are therefore certainly not harmless. In fact, these New-Age forms of spiritual manipulation are simply a continuation of the same tactics that religions have been using for centuries. It is just the same message in a new look.

It is an extraordinary fact that people do want to receive information from a non-verifiable, immaterial guide of a Medium or Channeler, but not from someone of flesh and blood who says they perceive the information intuitively. Because of spiritual-religious ignorance and feelings of dependence and inadequacy, we seem to be fonder of fairy tales than sober perceptions and mediumship and channeling support these self-undermining feelings.

All people have archetypes. We derive our spiritual identity and status from it, which give us the necessary meaning, but which are also connected to the deepest primordial instincts of survival. However, we will only become aware of archetypal ‘presence’ in ourselves through the ‘resonance and confrontation’ with the reflection in someone else’s archetype, and this will usually be the case if we engage in religious and spiritual circles.

We know almost nothing about the ‘beyond’, or that there is ‘life’ after death. We know almost nothing about our immaterial reality, and we are not even aware of our own immaterial reality, our Aura! What we ‘think’ to know are nothing more than assumptions we have distilled from all sorts of stories about experiences that touch the immaterial or go beyond the boundaries of ‘life and death’ and these assumptions are given a name and meaning corresponding to the spiritual conviction of the one who has experienced. (An almost-dead experience is exactly what it is, an almost-dead experience.) Being aware of our own Aura can already be an impressive and unforgettable experience of immaterial contact and meaning for someone. Without being aware of this, Mediums and Channelers are in an inner telepathic contact with their own inner Archetype or with an Archetype of their clients; they ‘read’ the immaterial information contained in their client’s aura.

The simple truth is that we may need a lot of courage to acknowledge that we want to worship a ‘higher power,’ or our own status of spiritual leadership to be worshiped. For most people it can be a truly frightening or even blasphemous thought that there is no spiritual hierarchy, a thought that makes us feel abandoned and orphaned. There are no ‘chosen ones’; this would be against our free will. It is out of free will that we choose to dive deep into the unconscious to expose our inner idols, and to seek inner Surrender to the Soul.

Kirsten, November 12

The Ancient Ones Part 1

Archetypes in Ancient times and in the Over-Soul

This is the first part of a series of three articles about Archetypes, the artificial ceiling in our consciousness; the illusionary status.

Spirituality is in the areas between ‘heaven and earth’, ‘life and death’, and between the conscious and the unconscious, and this makes spirituality so attractive to many people and surrounds it with an aura of deepening in spiritual and esoteric themes; the science of the unseen, the mysterious and the mystical. When we engage in spirituality, something of that ‘aura’ also radiates on us and gives us an interesting status. Being intuitive or extra sensitive perceptive, ESP, can even be a status in itself. We are deeply impressed by both inner and outer reflections of spiritual statuses; they are, however, illusionary but form the root of social and spiritual division between us and our fellow human beings.

We derive a spiritual status from inner Archetypes that have formed in the human psyche over the course of many millennia. In spiritual development and our ‘Desire for God’, desire for unification with the ‘Source’, illusionary statuses of Archetypes form an important barrier.

How could our status sensitivity have been arisen?

Power – Powerlessness

We are daughters and sons of daughters and sons… we ultimately originate from the primordial man; our original psyche is deeply hidden and still contains primal contents like strong instincts of survival and reproduction, and deep feelings of dependence on both status and family (tribe or clan) that are present in us as social and spiritual survival instincts.

When the first people of 4 legs on 2 legs started walking, they took the first step in the field of awareness (consciousness realm) of the human kingdom. In the deepest layers of our subconscious we are still standing with one foot in the animal kingdom and one foot in the human kingdom, but we are on our way to take the next step and then stand with 2 feet in the field of awareness (consciousness realm) of the human kingdom; we are on our way to pass through the artificial ceiling of consciousness, Archetypes, but that does not happen automatically.

The first conscious people began to give ‘names’ to people, objects and natural phenomena such as dangerous animals or weather conditions such as ‘lion’ or ‘thunder’, or ‘water’ which is essential and even of vital importance for all life. By giving someone or something a name, you acknowledge it and indicate that you have a certain relationship with it. The ‘naming’ process is a form of ‘appropriation’ and an attempt to control our lives and the circumstances in which we lived. We started differentiating and naming the physical universe. This ‘naming’ is the foundation of our psychology; naming is done from within; we can assume that all names were made through intuitive inner reflection of events in reality.

The physical reality, Creation, exists for us thanks to the acquisition of consciousness. Without this there was and there is nothing or no one who acknowledges Creation and we would not have existed; we would not have known that we exist because we had not been aware of it. The animal kingdom acts and responds purely from instincts.

For primordial people, naming would have been an almost magical act that gave them the feeling of gaining authority over their circumstances; the birth (awareness) of feelings of power and powerlessness. Naming is appropriation, assessment and appreciation, by assigning a name we create something that is meaningful to us and that radiates a certain meaningful vibration. A name consists of a composition of sounds (the individual characters) that are in a certain order and this composition receives a certain charge with associated meaning that is linked to each other; we are gradually becoming aware of the possibilities to manipulate our circumstances. However, initially people would probably have been very instinctively intuitive and rationality still far away; a breeding ground for ‘magical thinking’, assigning supernatural qualities to people, animals or objects.

Some people will show special qualities with which they naturally profile themselves as spiritual leaders, or they are selected for this by the group (tribe) with which status differences and hierarchy arise; here are the foundations of Archetypes.

The spiritual leader gathers assistants and a subgroup forms within the tribe; exclusivity arises and the chance of being excluded from the group or from the subgroup , these are ideal circumstances for the emergence of complex feelings of insecurity and dependence and possibly also of jealousy, competition and ambition. Being excluded from the group is life threatening and being excluded from the subgroup is losing status; we lose our status and then we no longer ‘exist’ in the subgroup or we lose our lives; the instinctual feelings of ‘spiritual urge to survive’ and ‘physical urge to survive’ become equal in terms of intensity.

These very intense and complex feelings that have arisen through the ‘linking’ of spiritual status to survival are still deeply hidden in our human psyche. They are at the basis of our personality; our identity is determined by our spiritual and religious archetypal cultural or inherited background and all our experiences with these. This positively or negatively experienced archetypal background is the main driver for our intentions, choices and actions in our lives; we are governed by our sensitivity to, and dependence on, Archetypes.

The personal development from ‘instinctively intuitive’ towards rationality is guided by a progressing overall disbalance between Yin and Yang; the shortage of Yin results in upcoming needs for dependence and guidance of supreme beings or leaders.

The Artificial ceiling within the Over-Soul; the power of the masses

What is deeply embedded within our individual being is deeply embedded within the Over-Soul. The intense psychological dependence on archetypal statuses lies at the core of our being and is a significant part of the collective subconscious mind, we share this ‘root of division’ with all people. This dependence is at the basis of the current global spiritual state of polarization and schism and may be recognized as group Karma.

An archetypal group field is an energetic field that is loaded with all specific information, data, of a religion or spiritual belief. Such a field contains all the dogmas, rituals and prescriptions in energetic form, you can compare this with the energetic radiance of an ‘Aura’. Religions can contain very different details and the atmosphere in the different religious group fields, the Aura, is just as diverse.

Our inner archetypal ‘part’ resonates with a like-minded overarching archetype of a certain religion and in this way appeals to tribally sensitive parts in our primordial psyche. This can give someone a vague feeling, or a strong resonance of familiarity with that specific religion. If our inner Archetype does not match with the overarching type, then there is no resonance and no interest.

The most important properties of the energy of an Archetypal field are, group bonding, conditionality and controlling. The field is held together by ‘loyal’ followers who have earned the ‘love’ of the field; their individual vibrational frequency has become identical with the field! They are the eyes and ears of the overarching Archetype. They observe whether everyone, like themselves, respects and follows all dogmas, rituals and rules of life, to maintain the ‘power’ of the field.

The more people who share in the Archetype, the greater the charged energetic field. Just like the subconscious part, the overarching Archetype has charismatic properties, it has great appeal, and hypnotic and seductive effects on our consciousness.

The characteristics of the field are strengthened in groups; we can easily fall under the spell of an Archetype and be driven into mass hysteria or develop intense polarizing feelings toward an Archetypal field of another religion. Once we get in the ‘grip’ of an Archetype, it’s hard to get away from it. It is not the power of the Archetype that has grip on our consciousness; our inability comes from a lack of awareness, clear spiritual insights and remaining feelings of dependence to the archetypal field; in our emotional life we are back in prehistoric times and respond instinctively. The group field strengthens our inner feelings of power, righteousness and superiority. However, if we are dedicated to becoming aware, then the veils will be taken from our eyes.

The largest religious and spiritual institutions and organizations in the world are immense archetypal fields with millions of loyal followers who can even ‘load’ pilgrimage sites, church buildings and temples with the energy of their specific Archetype. Psychologically, the number of followers, age and size of global religions can be the validity and justification of all “data content” of the archetypal field; if so many people believe in it, then all spiritual beliefs, rules of life and dogmas must be good. But hey, what does it matter; ‘if it doesn’t work, it won’t harm.’ But is that true? In part 2, we look in more detail at the various spiritual phenomena evoked by Archetypes.

Kirsten, November 7

Yang Dominance

A surplus of male energy in religion and spirituality

“There is more male Yang energy than female Yin energy and the result is that more value is given to outer form, at the expense of inner values.” What are the effects of this and how does this manifest itself within spirituality?

The clearest example of the now global effect of a surplus of Yang energy in Humanity can be found in the (forced) change of lifestyle of some American indigenous peoples, Natives. Before the “white” human invasion, they did not have a permanent place of residence but traveled through the land and lived from what “The Great Spirit” gave them, and were aware of energies behind all visible forms (the “Spirits” of the four winds, of rivers, of mountains, of animals and of deceased tribesmen) and respected it.

With their surplus of Yang energy, whites put an end to this form of life. Land was divided into pieces and became the property of (mostly) white people who, independently of the Great Spirit, could provide their own food and we still can. The indigenous population was assigned a place in a reserve, making a nomadic existence and life of nature impossible. Owning land, food and money entails inequality and lack and requires borders, rules and laws and their enforcement. The lives of the people of North America changed from trust and surrender (in and to unity), to control and enforcement to maintain the apparent order. It changed from Living to surviving.

This development was unavoidable and was actually started when the forerunners of people started to walk upright. By walking on 2 instead of 4 legs we have adopted a vertical body position, the vertical “line” of the male + symbol. This change has had an enormous impact on our further physical, psychological and spiritual development.

The male (+) symbol has a vertical and a horizontal line, it represents both fire and air the positive charged elements. The female symbol (-) represents water and earth, the negative charged elements. In the + symbol in fact all elements are represented however, the male (+) energy is dominant over the female (-) Yin energy, this is inherent in their properties. Under the influence of positive charged energy, mankind has controlled the world and categorized and divided it into boxes, established rules and laws, and thereby also created more and more religious and spiritual differences and created a hierarchy in them.

In spirituality and religion the Yang dominance expresses itself by a lack of trust and complex and confusing feelings of fear and this combination is a breeding ground for the need for an overall control by outer form and spiritual guidance in ‘clan’ formation and creating group-binding rules and activities such as rituals, specified and sometimes strict precepts, dogmas, absolute spiritual beliefs and a clear hierarchy.

When we are connected in such a clan, the “group spirit” appeals to our own inner Yang dominance and gets a very seductive appearance from which spiritual ambition, polarization and a desire for status can emerge within ourselves.

The process of spiritual awakening is initiated by universal energy of spiritual life, Spiritual Fire; this is subtle electricity that, if we are open and willing, can tear the veils off our eyes and offer opportunities for continuing spiritual development and gaining profound insights. However, we must realize (!) that further development does not happen automatically. We were born and grew up in this energetically male dominant world. We are very self-sufficient and tend to take control of our own spiritual development. We are seriously addicted to the Yang energy; we are impressed by the ‘form’ that makes us tend to imitate externalities, instead of internalizing our receptiveness. In general, we ‘want and need’ of everything and we have the urge to ‘do’ (act), that’s how we were raised and that’s how our culture is.

We have a problem with finding an inner attitude of trusting and surrendering.

In general we are easily distracted and we are full of assumptions, beliefs and prejudices, these are a kind of inner self-incantations that we have gained over time and come from experiences, upbringing and what we have heard or read and instilled about spirituality and religion; self-incantations manipulate us from within. Awareness of all these suppressive elements and the psychic mechanisms that result from it, brings self-knowledge and recognizing and releasing them one by one brings psychological self-liberation.

There is no spiritual supreme being outside of our own being who selects us and answers our prayers or will punish us; all judgments and convictions are in ourselves. We may need to find the intention and motivation for discovering our inner universe and “learn” how we can bring in the female water- and earth energies to find the trust to open ourselves up to “receive” inspiration from our Soul and to surrender to Her subtle guidance. Spiritual intimacy takes place between our deepest ‘individuality’ and the Soul and is a choice that comes from a complete understanding of what we long for.

Spiritual deepening and intimacy are an inner search for an inner “feeling attitude” in which our perception becomes intuitively receptive to the energetic reality of the Soul and to the energetic reality behind the forms of physical reality. This is a spiritual exercise in simultaneously focusing attention and staying “centered” with everything you do; perceive from your center. Centering is bringing the perception deep into the body at the level of the heart center (instead of in the head), the point of subtle energetically feeling lies deep within the area of the sacral chakra. This exercise can be performed anywhere and at the same time with all daily activities.

Our inner control and manipulation are usually an automatic reaction. If we have been doing this from an early age and we have always relied on it, then consciously letting go of inner control can evoke anxious and uncertain feelings. Always treat yourself with gentleness, patience and consideration; take yourself as a child by the hand and “lead” yourself to a loving stable foundation of trust and receptiveness.

Our microcosm is an individual universe; everything we need for spiritual depth is present in it. The only thing that hinders us is our personality, the psyche. Psyche and body are intimately intertwined with each other and it is the psyche that influences the body. Thoughts and feelings are energy and have certain energetic charges, ultimate subtle vibrations that influence the endocrine gland system in the body. This hormonal system controls all bodily processes. The glands in the system are delicately coordinated. They form the energetic basis of our character.

There are some esoteric “systems” that can contribute to the acquisition of self-knowledge and provide insight into how we use our energy. These include Astrology, and the teachings of the chakras and the chakra system.

The horoscope is a schematic representation of the solar system at the time of our birth and gives a global overview of our character and use of energy.

The chakra teachings bring insights into the relationship between the endocrine glands in the body and the psyche and gives a schematic subdivision of the human personality.

Kirsten September