“Global Universal Soul Interconnectivity” is written from an ultimate subtle energetic (transcendental) point of view. The transcendental Field of the Spiritual Unity encompasses the whole planet and all people that live on her. The universal qualities of the transcendental realm require a new lexicon of ‘spiritual designations’ fitting for all people and from all spiritual/religious origin.

The transcendental realm is an unnoticed and therefore unfamiliar territory. Planetary all-encompassing telepathic communication, functions via the conductive quality of the transcendental realm. It is through genuine dedicated spiritual group-work that the Hidden realm makes itself present and can be experienced.

Group work in the transcendental Field of the Spiritual Unity has unprecedented and limitless possibilities. Transcendental group work opens up possibilities for group transformations, group initiations and group Liberation of the Soul in group formation and on a planetary scale. The very first step (a quantum leap) to transcendent group work was taken at the end of 2006.


About Awareness

Realms of awareness – In Mathematical sense the One Unity exists of a collection of sets, energetic realms, that each resides within one another; a set in a set in a set, like a Matryoshka doll. The sets are energetic fields of awareness. The center set is the physical mineral set. The mineral set (1strealm) is part of the vegetational set (2ndrealm). The vegetational set is part of the animalistic set (3rdrealm) the animalistic set is part of the human set (4threalm) and the human set is part of the Universal Soul (5threalm).

All realms are part of the Spiritual Unity or Christ consciousness (the 6threalm). The 6threalm has no content, so it is free of any religious / spiritual dogmas and value judgements. In energetic sense this realm is uncharged and neutral; it includes and serves all there is. The 7threalm is the all-encompassing energetic Singularity; the 6thand the 7threalm are one and the same. The Singularity is neither Yin nor Yang, ‘It’ has just 1 dimension.

The human consciousness can be on several levels of awareness: day-consciousness, subconsciousness, (lucid) dream awareness, instinctual ‘awareness’ these are natural inborn urges to eat, sleep, procreate and to survive, and intuitive ‘awareness’ this is an inner microcosmic reflective communication of physical entities by means of subtle chakra energy.

Conscious telepathy is a human quality. All telepathy is an internal microcosmic reflective communication.

Spiritual awakening is an Initiation of the heart Center. The fusion of Yin and Yang kindles the ‘ knowing ‘ of the heart. The initiation can be a moment of exaltation. From this moment the heart has a direct connection with the transcendental Field of the Spiritual Unity however initially this connection probably is completely unaware.

Global or planetary telepathy – Conscious planetary telepathic intercommunication is a Universal Soul ability. The communicative conductor is universal energy of life in the energetic Field of the Spiritual Unity. Telepathic Inter Universal Soul communication is conceptual and direct; the Group Soul functioning as One (Soul).

The Over-Soul is the group-Soul of Humanity.

The Universal Soul is the (individual) liberated Soul; liberated from the Matrix field and still a part of the Over-Soul.

The Spiritual Unity is the Universal all-encompassing energetic Field, ‘Christ-consciousness’, the ultimate transcendental uncharged (without any data) energy; just pure universal masculine and feminine energy, Yin and Yang, an inseparable energetic pair, a 2D energetic field. The field of the Spiritual Unity is the first spiritual human; it is our spiritual base. The connection with this Field is via the heart.


About Archetypes and ‘Aeons’ as fields of spiritual interests

Advanced spiritual work is dealing with karmic Archetypal scenarios. This is the work of an advanced spiritual worker. In the global encompassing Universal – Soul group, it is the Group Field that functions as a ‘reflector’.

The Group Field is a global encompassing energetic Field. All awakened hearts are connected with the Field. Whether anyone responds to the impact of the reflective mirror on their system, is based on his or her development of individuation and of balance in personal power.

The Spiritual Hierarchy (as the place of the supposed Ascended Masters)  is invented and arranged by the human mind.

Ascended Masters – Supposed Ascended incorporeal Sacred Spiritual Masters only exist in the human mind as Archetypes. An Archetype is an inner Idol. These psychological images are physically bound in the emotional and mental fields (of the human microcosm).

Archetypes are archaic (ancient) energetic fields in human microcosms of ‘Old Souls’. They hold esoteric religious or spiritual ‘knowledge’ from many former lives. Archetypes are a part of the personality and find themselves in the more profound levels of the psyche. Once remembrance is induced and is practiced with new energetic Aquarius insights one can use the Archetypal influence in advanced esoteric psychological or physical healing techniques.

Energetic field of Interest – an Aeon – is a group field, an energetic cloud of certain frequency that is shared by two or (many) more people. The cloud holds all kinds of spiritual / religious content; all kinds of ‘rules’, rituals or specific customs in religious or spiritual groups or tribes. The connection is established through (the fascination of) the mind and is linked to an inner Archetype. When one is connected in such a group field, the Aeonic energy can have a hypnotic and intoxicating impact on the awareness, through which spiritual / religious (mass) hysteria can arise. The energy of Aeonic fields is very appealing to the Inner Archetype. There are legion of these fields.

The Inner Idol – the artificial Ego – By intense fascination, the archaic remains (Archetype) can grow into Mythical proportions with a charismatic look. The Archetype then grows into an inner Idol as an impressive inner projection of the personal self that is holding the awareness under the spell of religious / spiritual overconfidence.

Spiritual Rivalry is an expression of an Archetypal Karmic scenario between two or more artificial Egos of advanced spiritual practitioners who reflect each other’s energetic imbalance in personal power. Spiritual Rivalry is common in spiritual, religious and esoteric circles.

Karmic Archetypal scenarios are situations of (energetic) imbalance in personal power. The lack of balance expresses itself through feelings of supremacy or dominance or feelings of inferiority or subordination. Such feelings may be ultimate subtle, or deeply overwhelmingly.

The Akashic records is the Archetypal field, it is an energetically charged field composed of archaic (very old) spiritual and religious contents.

The higher self is an expanded consciousness in the service of the personal self.


About Reality

Creation vs Reality. In this blog about spirituality, Reality is a matter of psychological (personal) awareness; all that exists for us personally, is real and present for us. If something is not in our awareness, it is no part of our reality.

Creation is all the physical realms including all visible and invisible phenomena (like: life, growth) originally belonging to them; Creation is all that is not man-made. (A baby, even when it is conceived with IVF, is not man-made.)

The Matrix is the field of the human-made reality. The 4th realm of the human awareness is (a part of) the Matrix field. It is a culturally determined energetic grid and contains all unspoken norms and values, especially religious and spiritual. All people are expected to adhere to all agreements and to remind each other to do so. The grid is invisible but because of its properties it forms an unmistakable ‘grip’ on the Soul. The energetic field of the Matrix reality is a man-made conditional and manipulative world (reality).

Microcosm (body and psyche) and Soul are energetically closely linked. Liberation of the Soul is a matter of detachment from all Matrix ties by neutralizing all inner energetic imbalances (Karma) under the guidance of the very Soul.


About Energy

Universal Energy of Life – Chi – Prana – ‘The Holy Spirit’ – subtle electricity that is in and around all there is.

Universal Energy of Spiritual Life – Spiritual Fire – Kundalini energy – physically bound ‘Yin-Yang’ fused subtle energy. This energy awakens and enhances the intuitive senses. When this energy awakens it is a starting point (not a destination) to proceed towards the Path. Manipulation (scheming from the mind) may lead to enhancing psychic energetic imbalances and severe karmic situations!

Transcendental (energy) is ultimate subtle energy that is undetected from any scientific device.

Yin and Yang – In this blog Yin and Yang are the universal masculinity and the universal femininity; transcendental (+) and (-) charged energy that always is in a pair and in a certain percentile ratio with each other.

Adam and Eve – Adam and Eve are the representatives of Yang and Yin. Their natural orientation is towards each other. The orientation of positive (+) is towards negative (-) and vise versa. Yang (+) is transcendentality, Yin (-) is physicality. Transcendentality is orientated towards physicality and physicality is orientated towards transcendentality.

Walking the spiritual Path is all about an overall energetic balance in the energetic chakra system.

An energetic view on reality is focused on bringing energetic balance in the chakra system by taking the right action in the right time. Valuating and judgemental thoughts manipulate our course of action. An energetic view is neutral and free from any emotional load.

The main results of an energetic view on spirituality is the awareness of:

  • all people are equal.
  • the planet and all that lives on her forms a coherent unity.
  • all spiritual and religious dogmas from any origin are manmade.

Universalization – the transformative process of letting go of all spiritual and religious convictions and letting go of all their accompanying judgmental ‘good or evil’ thoughts, into an intuitive attitude directing towards surrendering to the Soul and the intuitive reception of her impulses.


Kirsten – march 2019