Intertwining Energies

How to debug the inner program, a wonderful private path of exploration and developing a loving awareness.

This post is about developing a loving awareness, about clearing our heads and why this is significant especially for Extra Sensitive Perceptive Souls. It is about becoming aware of all thoughts and beliefs that, from the moment we get up in the morning until we go to sleep again, rage through our minds. We are the ‘owners’ of our thoughts. Thoughts are energy and the thoughts that are in our mind, sculpt our focus, mood and even character. Thoughts can be uplifting but can also bring us down.

More than meets the eye.

Every expansion of consciousness has a cost! A sacrifice of a tiny piece of self-centeredness. Step by step and little by little our perspective shifts from our personal issues towards common ground. We may not be aware, but every shift happens from a positive and free choice for a larger awareness and thus for that small sacrifice.

Sometimes we become or maneuver ourselves into a situation where our personal interests are compromised. Here too we have a free choice as to how we deal with this, and whether we opt for the broader perspective or whether we cling to our own interests. Often, we know all too well that if we choose for our own interest, this actually does not serve us in a spiritual way, and even may take us further away.

But sometimes we cannot help but create an inner blockade. We do this ourselves but happens fully automatically. Perhaps the time is not yet ripe, and we must firstly provide in our own needs of self-love and self-care. Political correctness and ‘good manners’ can be very useful in society but not for connecting with the Soul. We simply cannot sacrifice what is not there either. But that doesn’t mean we have to be blunt. The awareness process is a purely inner affair and by becoming aware of inner blockades or resistances and what we really need to remove them, is a significant form of self-knowledge and awareness. Caring for our own Soul’s connectiveness is indirectly caring for Over-Soul connectiveness. What we sacrifice for our Soul, indirectly we sacrifice for others.

Intertwining energies within the microcosm and in the Over-Soul.

Extra sensitive perceptive Souls may have an issue about feeling insecure or even unsafe. Sometimes they may get overwhelmed by subtle impressions or feelings they do not understand or that seem contradictory to their own state of mind. Spiritual development may seem to be redundant, yet ESP Souls are in a definite need of a thorough grounding and centering for developing healthy borders! We need to be aware of what is in our thoughts, what convictions do we ‘own’? What is our general focus on?

Sensitive Souls benefit from holding on a meditative attention in the here and now, staying poised and centered and not jumping to conclusions. Things may not be as they seem, and this is especially within spirituality and matters of religion. In these circles we may have to deal with entangled energies; we may be impressionable for thoughts and / or fears of others and susceptible to mass hysteria, while we are in a spiritual gathering where we also want to open ourselves to the “spiritual and unseen.” Practice staying centered under difficult or stressful situations, make this a private inner challenge. ESP Souls more or less are aware of the intuitive reality and of the Soul, while most people even when attending spiritual services or gatherings, simply are not.

Sensitive Souls may see behind the facades, but also receive (are open to) all kinds of subtle impressions of other people. Once they realize that they are highly sensitive to intuitive impressions, it can trigger a range of responses or even resistances, but that’s fine. We are certainly not victims of the circumstances but are given an opportunity to investigate ourselves and our sensitivity and to work closely with our intuitive senses. We all are unique individuals and personalities with our own specific qualities that can be very useful in transcendent Soul-collaborations.

ESP’ers may be deeply aware that:

Less personality is more boring uniformity.

Less ego may weaken the psychological foundation and brings more instability.

It may be a challenge to bring feelings of oversensitivity and overprotection into balance.  A greater awareness of our own psychology and the workings of energies and our intuitive or emotional response to them, may be really helpful. This is a wonderful private path of exploration.

Less theory is more intimacy. Less theological and spiritual theory brings opportunities for developing the intuition and brings more intimacy within oneself. We need to learn about our true intensions and motivations; they will bring self-knowledge. Spiritual intimacy within oneself develops through integrity, self-reverence and self-forgiveness by this we will profoundly learn to trust our inner voice of subtle intuitive sensing and act upon it.

Sometimes Souls who sincerely are searching for the true Path, study within theory. They love God and do not want to make a mistake of which they believe may be a sin or be evil. These loving Souls actually are in need for deep understanding about the ultimate intuitive aspects of the Path and should learn to trust themselves and their sincere intentions and letting go of what the spiritual Goal may be.

What really may hard to swallow are sensing dark or difficult energies, while our intensions are sincere and true, one may be conscious that all that we sense has an inner component. Maybe we are challenged to stay in a loving awareness and embrace inwardly instead of fighting against. In spiritual development we are up against the inward unknown psychological spiritual reality and not the outward Matrix reality. Inner resistance (fighting) will enhance the darkness, while sincere lovingly embracement will let the darkness disappear. Acceptance is different from surrender!

The field of pure Universal Spirit or the Spiritual Unity! This field has no meaning whatsoever and therefore has a different vibration than everything we are used to within the Matrix reality. The higher frequency may initially feel uncomfortable or give us the feeling that if we ever thought we had any control over our spiritual development and progress, that surely is no longer the case. We are really subjected to this Energy and the only thing we can do is learning to surrender to It. It is this energy that ‘nourishes’ the Soul and through which Soul connections and a collaboration between Souls can function.