Esoteric Light

Hidden spiritual teachings and philosophies to come to self-knowledge, and conscious energetic cooperation with the Soul.

Although the Bible is widespread available and astrology and chakra philosophy are common ground, it does not mean that these esoteric sources fully are understood. The overall presence of esoteric traditions hasn’t always been the case, they have been hidden for many ages and were only available for initiates.

Creation is an energetic cohesive Unity that can be perceived and understood through the intuitive perception of the inner senses. Over many millennia, sacred writings such as the Bible, and energetically oriented esoteric philosophies such as chakra teachings and astrology have been created and developed to define that Unity. They once originated intuitively and for those who can perceive intuitively, they are like an encoded spiritual time capsule, which we come into contact with when the time is right; this is based on an energetic mechanism of attraction.

In a spiritual sense we can be touched in the heart like thunder in clear skies; in the first instance, however, we will search for the spiritual within the Matrix field, our living environment, culture and society. We simply don’t know any better, the Matrix is ​​our home; every spiritual quest starts here, and, in most cases, we first activate our brain with reading, listening and thinking.

We make all kinds of plans and devise and organize all kinds of spiritual applications. We would like to implement as soon as possible what we have just discovered for ourselves or learned by following a course; we want action, doing and tangible results and in this way, we make ourselves sensitive to a spiritual survival instinct. What we have can be taken from us; what we are, not.

Main intentions within the chakra centers

This image shows only the major automatic responses of urges of survival within the chakras. The survival instinct is an automatic reaction of all living things. Even plants can protect themselves chemically against animal and human consumption. The survival instinct is a consequence of gravity that Matter exerts on us. The upright walking of the human species is a first attempt to escape those forces and could therefore be called an inspired impulse.

Now we are no longer only bound to nature and the planet. From head to toe we are bound to the social cultural field through our instinctive urge to survive; an automatic reaction of body and mind to flee or fight to save life. Our deepest intentions are the main intentions, they are all focused on Survival. Survival is a basic instinct and is directly linked to the physical field, to matter.

Our total being, the microcosm, body, psyche and energetic radiance or aura, is one. The energetic system consists of 7 main chakras that are related to each other. The 7 centers can be divided into 3 sets and a center, the heart. Self-knowledge extends over the psychological contents of all chakras; our entire being is involved in spiritual development and the liberation of the Soul from the Matrix bonds.

The first set of chakras (1 and 7) focuses on Survival in the physical field (1) and the spiritual field (7). Survival in the physical field is about maintaining and caring for the body; we need food and safety to live.

The 2nd set of chakras (2 and 6) work together in the intuitive observation (2) and assessment (6) of our living environment. This works on the basis of resonance with the outer world.

The 3rd set (3 and 5) is the set of expression resonance of our own being. That expression, which also includes non-verbal communication or body language, is “colored” by the condition of the throat chakra and the Solar Plexus and is thus a “measure” for the condition of our psyche.

Spiritual Survival

The field of the crown chakra (7) is about becoming aware of the coherence and unity of Humanity. Survival is about taking care of and maintaining a healthy psychological field; we need social connections to learn to love ourselves and to become aware of the other, and of the coherence and unity of Humanity. Survival in the spiritual field is initially a purely socially oriented emotional and mental urge that is linked to the heart center. Energy flows are oriented horizontally and commute between our own heart and (the heart of) other people.

The spiritual field undergoes major changes over time. As a baby we are connected to our mother and close family. As our awareness expands, we connect with our classmates, friends, and a little later with the people we work and study with. For some people, these circles of covenant are sufficient.

During the years from growth to adulthood (adolescence), deeper personality parts (Archetypes) incarnate and this is how our specific character, spiritual preference and a desire to connect with spiritual like-minded people develop. Inwardly we can experience conflicting desires; from feelings of being part of a spiritual group to feelings of ambition towards spiritual development and active spiritual service or even spiritual leadership.

The urge for spiritual survival consists of fully conforming to, (slavishly following) the values ​​and norms of a spiritual or religious group (the Archetypal group field), or we aspire more control or a higher position within our religious or spiritual circle and all this at the expense of individual spiritual development and of developing and preserving individual personal and spiritual authenticity.

Spiritual survival is an ancient and profound instinct, we would like to remain part of a group, but the question is what vibrational frequency we, group member, initiate or leader, in an energetic sense as a Soul add to the group field? We all crave connection, intimacy and fusion, we want to be absorbed and cherished, passively consuming. You could say that we are essentially longing for the paradisiacal state of the womb where we formed a Unity with the mother and where we got everything we needed, nothing more and nothing less.

Moments of passivity and ambitious activity continuously alternate.  When we receive awareness of where each come from, we will become aware of our true spiritual desires and focus on them.

Unity in our own Soul is unity with all people

As individuals we form a micro-cosmic unity with the aura field of life as our own individual universe within the unity of Humanity and this means that we can stand on our own in a spiritual sense; we still need the living environment and the other to see the condition of our own energetic system reflected in that energetic mirror. Every person reflects, but we as spiritual workers are increasingly aware that this reflection says something about ourselves and that is what we want to become aware of.

Spiritual development is a matter of developing inner intimacy in our own being, Oneness in ourselves, and this requires an active inner willingness to be open in an intuitive way how we can or will remain in balance. Balance in the energetic chakra system increases the vibrational frequency of our being and as part of a group we have a part in increasing the vibrational frequency of the entire group field, regardless of spiritual gradation, rank or position we add something substantial.

The essence of Creation is a perpetual cyclic Movement in which Unity is difficult to perceive or experience. Esoteric energetically oriented philosophies denote the Oneness of Creation and as we delve into it we activate (resonate) deep parts of the psyche; there may be conscious recognition or a sense of familiarity; intuitively we realize that they can serve as a signpost to that Oneness; they serve as a means and not as an end in itself.

Yin’ s undervaluation (and over-valuation of Yang)

Because of the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine, between Yang and Yin, most esoteric writings have been deliberately hidden and secret for centuries and are usually only accessible to men. From early prehistoric times, Yang has been dominant over Yin. It is thanks to Yin qualities such as the intuitive and sensory capacity that we can resonate inwardly with esoteric and Holy writings such as the Bible and the intuitive perception is located in the heart, which is the center of our being and of the chakra system.

We need social connections for our individual personality development and to become aware of the cohesion and unity of humanity.

In order to learn to listen to our intuitive senses and to restore contact with the Soul, we need meditative reflection to inner silence and inner space. Initially, the social horizontal and spiritual vertical energy flows alternate; our focus changes from working with our fellow human beings to scheduled moments of meditation. Ultimately, we will be able to stay in the heart with our intuitive perception (feeling) and keep our attention to what we are doing. This inner attitude of subtle sensing with an inner antenna and attention in the here and now requires daily practice and application. It is our intention that indicates the direction in which we are moving, that is, or towards intuitive development and reconnection with the Soul or diametrically towards maintaining our social spiritual contacts and activities. The direction is either outward or inward, there is no middle way.

Balance in the energetic centers in our body, the chakras, means that there is a balance in the Yin-Yang ratios in the chakras. There is a balance in the passive-active state of the centers; not excessively passive or active. The centers are related to the endocrine gland system and deal with bodily processes and our mood and are (part of) our character.

Karmic charge

Why does this always happen to me now? Of what happens to us and that we are not happy with, we often tend to reject our involvement, take it personally, or experience it as some kind of punishment or guilt. This is Karma or karmic “charge” and is really an energetic state of imbalance in one or more chakras in the energetic system.

Awareness of the inner “program” is equivalent to gaining self-knowledge and awareness of karmic charge. Karmic charge is an energetic charge that is not yet in balance and that energetic imbalance attracts situations where we are given the opportunity to create more balance.

Esoteric philosophies show an energetic “blueprint” of how we deal with energy flows inwardly and thus provide insight into which energy (more Yin or more Yang) we can balance in certain situations or personal characteristics.

The entire process of awareness is a matter of intimate dedication to meditative and intuitive attention in the here and now and leads to spiritual intimacy with the Soul.

Sacred or esoteric writings speak to the Soul and are intuitive to understand and use! This was once the main reason for only providing or teaching them to intuitively focused people.

The pitfall of esoterism is that we continue to consume the “knowledge” by the brain, and then esoteric texts are collected in our head like books in a library cabinet. Or we lose ourselves in unrealistic magical thinking.

It is the intuitive inner Yin senses that reach beyond the Yang facades of the Matrix reality. That which we have can be taken from us; what we are, not.