Creation of Duality?

The Biblical Genesis from a holistic view.

Did Eva create duality by taking an apple from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Well, by making a mental choice she could indeed have done that! Some aspects of the Creation story are viewed in this blog from a new holistic esoteric perspective.

The Creation story in the Bible is certainly an exceptional writing, but it is also a source of suggestion and manipulation that has also ensured that the woman was given a subordinate rank compared to the man and sometimes a downright inferior status with regard to religion. Why is it God the “Father”? Or Father, Son and Holy Spirit, twice clearly male? The inequality between man and woman does not fit into a holistic and esoteric perspective, but what if Adam and Eve, the very first created humans, represent universal parameters and not individuals?

Genesis is the first chapter / book in the Bible that describes the Creation of man. Genesis (Origin) tells of Adam and Eve being expelled from Paradise because they have been disobedient (to God). A snake in a tree tempts Eve to take an apple from the forbidden tree. She offers the apple to Adam. Adam is seduced by the apple. Some think this story is about literal disobedience to God (and to the man), and blame it on Eve’s (on the woman) temptation tactics that Humanity is now plunged into duality and sin.


Genesis of Yang and Yin

Suppose Adam and Eve represent the universal male and female, what could the Creation story have to say?

Yin and Yang are names for universal feminine energy and masculine energy. The Yin / Yang symbol is a circle with a black and a white field in curved teardrop shapes that fit together with contrasting dots in them. The two fit perfectly in the circle and leave no room for anything else! The Yin / Yang symbol ‘carries’ meanings of opposite extremes, yet Yin and Yang are completely in harmony with each other and form a unity.

Objectively speaking, each color has as much space as the other color. So in terms of space, Yin and Yang are equal. In terms of color intensity, they are extremes of each other. The color itself, white or black, says something about the quality of their cargo, which is utmost masculine or utmost feminine. Yin is universal feminine negatively charged energy. Yang is universal male positively charged energy. The dots in the opposite color indicate that Yin and Yang always go together and are in a certain ratio to each other.

However, the value of each color and how they both fit together is determined by our own perception and our inner response to it and is subjectively and personally determined. For example, we may hate black or white. Inwardly, the symbol then gets an extra charge through our thoughts and feelings or what we see in the symbol and that has happened to Adam and Eve, they have undergone valuations.

Yang, Adam, was created first. Yin, Eva, was taken from the “middle” of Yang, a “rib”. A rib is a horizontal bone that lies in the standing human body at the height of the waist, in the middle. The standing person forms a “One,” a vertical Axis (1) and the rib is a horizontal Axis (earth and water) that crosses the center of the 1. A cross is created that often symbolizes “burden” and “karma,” the earthly reality; this cross also has a center.

In reality, the positive and negative poles cannot have arisen independently of each other, but may have originated together and simultaneously from Singularity. Yin and Yang as a two-unit is the first form of two-pole consciousness. This is a two-pole charged energetic Field that is part of the Singularity and can be called the Christ Consciousness. Singularity is symbolized by the circle around the Yin-Yang symbol.

Singularity is One and 1 is male. From that Singularity Yin and Yang arise, a two-unit, in human terms the “Son”. The two-unit Yin and Yang is the first (1) and most basic form of Man, male and female energies, from this two-pole energetic unit (universal Life energy), Creation can (philosophically) arise. “I and the Father are One,” John. 10:30

Adam and Eve are Yang and Yin in the earth plane. The fact that Adam was created first in the story means that he represents the universally masculine Action and Eve then the universally feminine Inertia. Adam and Eve together form a cross consisting of a vertical Axis and a horizontal Axis, the four elements, vertices or four cardinal points of Earth’s reality. Fire and air are the male positive elements of the vertical Axis. Water and Earth are the feminine negative elements of the horizontal Axis.

If Adam and Eve represent the universally masculine and feminine in the terrestrial plane, what would that say about the serpent and the apple by which they are each attracted and seduced? The snake is in a tree (air). The apple is the fruit of the earth. The negatively charged feminine is attracted to the positively charged ‘spiritual, mental, passionate (air and fire). The positively charged male is attracted to the negatively charged appearance and inner (psyche) of the earthly form (water and earth).

Consciousness is energy and can have a charge and an orientation. We (realize that we) exist thanks to our self-awareness.

The two trees

It is said about two trees. A tree of Life from which to eat, and a tree of the knowledge of good and evil from which they may not eat. Suppose these trees symbolize the spine and the endocrine gland system with its energetic chakra nodes and energetic radiation field. By eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we try to mentally determine what our endocrine gland system, the carrier of our psyche, needs by choosing between good and evil. Do not judge. Eating from the tree of Life is using the intuition and unconditionally bringing the chakras into a subtle energetic balance; the tree of living water, universal life energy.

The trees are in the Earth. The physical body of flesh and blood, the psyche and the Soul of both men and women are negatively charged. The Spirit is positively charged. Spirit and Soul attract each other.

The Fall

By choosing intuitively, we are connected in and with Unity. By making a mental choice we choose duality. Man chooses mentally and as a result we lose innocence; we distinguish and judge with that.

Thanks to our self-awareness, we ourselves are the Creators of duality. If we don’t have a choice, we accept what is available. With a choice we will consider which choice is better suited for us, has more value and this is partly determined by what we consciously, but certainly also unconsciously desire.

Our biggest stumbling block is that we have a desire-driven automatic-mental reaction of comparing, classifying and judging.

The fig leaf

The fig leaf serves to hide the differences between men and women in an effort to preserve Unity; men and women are equal to each other. All the rituals, ancient surviving and brand new that we now perform are still attempts at this, the preservation of Oneness.

The fratricide

Cain and Abel are the sons of Adam and Eve as the mental duality. Double (2 X) Yang is a surplus of Yang energy and that evokes extreme spiritual ambition, jealousy and rivalry. Mental duality brings nothing but evil and crime against Unity, the Oneness. Mental duality breaks Unity; it is SIN. Archetypes are the psychological progeny of mental duality.

Why were universal ‘parameters’ personified?

Creation stories are usually ancient stories full of symbolism about the origin of man and perhaps they were originally only intended for spiritual Adepts who were allowed to go in the path of initiation.  You could imagine that they were initially passed down orally from High Priest to High Priest and that they were eventually written down and have undergone several translations and thus also changes.