Between Heaven and Earth

A holistic view on the Aura as a personal Heaven

From a spiritual Holistic point of view, ‘between Heaven and Earth’ means the immaterial subtle energetic content of the radiation of the human body and psyche, the Aura.  

The basis of spiritual service is the fact that every soul is both an individual link in a larger Soul whole, this the Over-Soul, and that the individual Soul and Oversoul are one and the same!

The Soul is the most transcendent, universal and impersonal ‘part’ of the human being. Every person has a Soul, but few people have contact with their Soul. Spiritual development serves to get into a -renewed- close contact with the Soul; it is ultimately the Soul who is the immediate cause of our existence and it is also the Soul who essentially follows the path.

What is between ‘heaven and earth’ or the ‘beyond’, essentially is an undiscovered area. Our presuppositions about this field are based on personal spiritual believes and personal interpretations of all our own ESP experiences or of those of others. All things considered, immaterial experiences are very personal and in principle not to be referred to in physical reality and for many people these are also the reasons why they fascinate us so much!

What we actually ‘know’ about this invisible field is virtually nothing. Thanks to – online – dedicated spiritual group activities worldwide, we have gained some in-depth insights about the Path of the spiritual Soul, the Individual Soul and the Over-Soul, this is the Soul-Field of all people.” from the website of “Universal Soul Interconnectivity

What do we know about the immaterial field? What we do know stems from many empirical personal experiences of a mainly telepathic nature. Telepathy is the transfer of charged subtle energy (information) over certain distance without the intervention of a physical medium such as, for example, the vocal cords in our throat or a technical medium such as, for example, a radio, and without the visual transfer through body language.

As above, so below. As inward, so outward.

What we perceive with the physical senses is given meaning by how we think about the world and people. The intuitive senses perceive through the heart and as long as we do not have enough self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love, the intuitive perception becomes colored or we fill in the blanks according to our own insight and judgment, and we probably place intuitive perceptions and their origin outside ourselves.

The human physical body has an immaterial radiance, an aura. The body is the earth and the immaterial radiance is our heaven. Body and aura form an individual universe, a microcosm and it contains everything we need to get in a renewed close contact with the Soul.

The aura consists of charged subtle energy. Loaded with information expressed in different speeds of vibration. The different speeds of vibrations relate to different aspects in our psyche, character and states of mind.

We radiate what is in our body and in our psyche. In our aura heaven there are energetic aspects that originate from the deepest, oldest, most unconscious and semi-collective layers of the psyche including Archetypal aspects, ancestral aspects of both father’s and mother’s side, and how we think about and relate to our family. All this information is in our individual “heaven” and is “bound” to the physical body.

We think and feel and depending on their impact and how long we hold them, thoughts and emotions find themselves as charged subtle energy in our immaterial aura field for only a short, or for a longer period of time to fade out of it when we let them go.

The human being including his or her aura Heaven forms a very personal and individual universe! The esoteric law “As above, so below. As inward, so outward” is a code for the direct relationships that exist between our personality and the cyclical planetary movements in our solar system, and between our personality and the radiation field or the Aura.

All people have a radiant field of charged subtle energy around their body and psyche and all the auras look a bit alike. The closer the energy is to the body, the more personal it is charged. The further away from the body, the more impersonal or better, the more semi-collective it becomes and can be shared with two or more people. This Archetypal layer is the layer of the so called Akashic chronicles (Hinduism). In the Archetypal field you will find the subtle information of the different world religions and spiritual views. The individual spiritual vision is “linked” to a specific spiritually charged field within the entire Archetypal (Akasha) field.

Inwardly, the reverse seems to be the case; literally superficial personal aspects lie on the surface. The more you turn inwards, the more you come into contact with aspects of yourself that you are less happy with and that you prefer to keep hidden from the outside world. In spirituality we tend to ignore shadow aspects and keep them hidden, but with that we also deny our personal power! Recognizing, balancing and integrating shadow aspects is working on the psychological foundation of self-confidence and autonomy; we learn to love ourselves as we are and within spiritual work our personal strength is an aide preparation for contact with enchanting temptations of the resonance of the inner Archetypes.

The Archetypal field is basically a semi-collective field, it is shared by groups of people. Because of the specific characteristics and qualities of Archetypes as you have been able to read in the previous three posts, “The Ancient Ones part I, II and III”, we experience that energy as special and accept it as a very personal inner spiritual image. We can be under the assumption that we have come into contact with the greatness of our Soul and then gladly accept that impressive but artificial ego status. The energy of the Archetype, however, forms a barrier field of overpowering proportions.

People seem to be autonomous and make conscious choices, but in an energetic sense there are telepathic connections that most of us are not yet aware of.

Most people were born and raised in a specific religious archetypal field and never spontaneously and consciously came into contact with an archetypal field relevant to their spiritual DNA, and they do not realize what impact this may have on their consciousness.

Without being aware of this, there is a – constant – energetic transfer and influence between people, something that everyone, but especially extra sensitive observers, can be aware of. In essence, this is a very old inner mechanism from the time that we lived mainly instinctively. Animals, and especially horses show this, are very instinctively attuned to each other. This is the expression of the inner herd attitude.

Energetic transfer is an expression of the deep instinctive need for the herd, clan or community. In the personal individuation process, people become aware of the effect of individual energetic participation and input within partnerships; this is about fulfilling the deep need for active participation, the active flow of energy in a team. The unconscious instinct becomes conscious feeling and intuition. You are aware that you are an individual autonomous link in the whole; you add something essential as an individual, you are part of, and are jointly responsible for the entire group dynamic. Most spiritually focused people are in this phase of the individuation process. They experience both an enormous drive for action but can also experience an intense need for energetic fusion or spiritual unification that one tries to fulfill by losing oneself in intimate spiritual relationships.

The originally primitive instinctive need for emotional attunement with someone else or with a group forms the basis of Soul collaborations. Initially, the survival mechanism was only necessary to maintain the species or to save the individual or group in life-threatening situations. Spiritual survival instinct is, however, at the basis of the emergence of Archetypes. Now Archetypes are both within the depth of the human psyche and as an impenetrable shell within the invisible Aura of the Over-Soul.

By unconditional surrender to the soul one sacrifices the inner idol of the artificial ego. Liberation of the Soul from the grip of the Archetypes is the Goal and the search for Surrender is the work. In essence, the search for spiritual intimacy and surrender to the soul is a very individual process. In the distant past, only a few were so spiritually developed, but with the help of global internet connections, souls can now enter into conscious transcendent Soul cooperation.

The process of individuation, finding and embedding one’s own identity and autonomy, being receptive to acquiring self-knowledge and dedication to finding Surrender to the Soul, makes collaboration between Souls possible in the immaterial (transcendent) field of the Oversoul. Intuitive and transcendent yet conscious Soul collaboration is based on two or more individuals who are attuned to, or even united with their Soul, and who are in a close online group contact, spiritual intimacy with the Soul.

The Spirit reveals Itself and demonstrates His / Her ultimate subtle energetic functionality between Souls who are committed to following the path of the Soul in group formation; this is the specific spirituality of the Soul in the Aquarius era and serves all of humanity.

Kirsten January 2020