Energetic fields of interests

The Matrix is the overall living environment, culture or society and is completely and literally ‘man-made’ (made by man). Even the religious and spiritual scriptures are a cultural part of the Matrix and were ever created by inspired people.

Essentially the attractions of the Matrix are energetic by nature. Inner energetic imbalances attract energies to get back into balance. ‘Karma’ is an energetic state of imbalance and essentially karma is impersonal. The psyche (our personality) however is attached to the contents and meanings of those attracting energies; the psyche is attached to karma.

Physically people are single entities. Psychologically people are connected and focused on each other to stay connected. In psychological energetic sense there is a close mutual demanding ‘bind’ between all people. People are a social part of the Matrix.

Binds in the Matrix are conditional and exclusive; they bind to specific families, tribes, clans, groups, and communities and exclude people who do not fit in. Matrix-binds are personal and exclusive and this may make them highly desirable.

In Matrix spirituality the binds are spiritual and religious dogmas, rituals or convictions and are the specific spiritual/religious anchors (life-lines) in the field of interest that one may feel to be connected to; our spiritual family.


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