Cooperation with the Soul

The Inner Sanctuary

Soul re-connection is solidarity with all of mankind. Soul re-connection is an internal process of universalization of the contents of the microcosm in which two main streams can be defined: – The individual perspective moves from ‘personal’ towards ‘impersonal’ and, – Moves from ‘exclusive’ towards ‘inclusive’.

Following the Path is a sheer soul matter; we learn to cooperate with the soul. The usually outward-facing focus turns inwards and activates the intuitive senses and opens inner communicative telepathic channels. A meditative consciousness enables to hold on a centered composed and focused awareness so that we can perceive even the subtlest energetic response of our being on the Matrix ‘ input ‘ and anticipate in any way if we feel the need to.

Recovering energetic balance is always a recovering between Yin and Yang loads in the energetic chakra system. This system is an energetic expression of our personality. By choosing the right loaded energy in actions and expressions, and at the right time, we create an inner energetic movement within the chakra system, balance within the chakras, and ultimately balance in profound psychological depths.

Thoughts are loaded energy. Energy shapes.

The universalization process is initiated and propelled by inner intentions and motives and supported by a meditative attention and presence in every moment. Intention directs and attention connects. Both intention and attention combined form a powerful inner invocation for creating an inner sanctuary. Meditative attention in every moment develops an intimate inner relationship with the soul. Intuitive impulses are expressions and guidance of this relationship.


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