The Authentic Universal Spiritual Path

The Path is and has always been an inner energetic path of spiritual self-initiation to pursue and reestablish soul connection. Soul re-connection implies getting to ‘know’ one self unto the subconscious and even primal layers of the psyche.

The Path is interreligious.

Although we hold ourselves to be for example a Muslim, a Christian or a Hindu or any other spiritual signature, essentially all human beings, both man and woman hold male as well as female energies in their beings and in this way we all are alike souls.

In the most lucid transcendental realms the soul is interreligious, interracial and even unbound to place and time. On these levels our soul is universal and reconnection to our own soul will be an even reconnection to the universal realms of the over-soul. Following the Path is of GENERAL INTEREST.

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