Energetic Awareness

Quitting the spiritual-religious addiction.

Progressing re-connection with the Soul means a progressing disconnection from the Matrix reality. Disconnection from the Matrix (may) causes feelings of quitting an addiction.

Adopting and developing an energetic view on spirituality and on the Matrix reality (society) may be very helpful in processes of universalization and letting go.

For the soul, the adoption of an energetic perspective on spirituality can be an important liberating Act. It unties the assumed relationship between ‘solving of karma’ by ‘ doing of good works ‘. Doing ‘good’ works in the 3D reality are highly personal affairs with strong psychological correlational inter-human binding effects; they deepen the illusive character of the artificial Ego and bind our focus and awareness to affairs of the 3 D reality instead of to impulses from the soul.

Finding equilibrium is an inner energetic matter instead of choosing between the so-called ‘good’ or the so-called ‘evil’ things, actions, people or circumstances.

An energetic perspective is focused on the internal redistribution of energy (towards gaining balance) to resolve energetic imbalances (which is karma) and does not load our thoughts and feelings with guild, blame or pride.


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