Less is More

About the Soul, the direct cause of your (and my) existence

Less theory is More intimacy.

Perhaps without being aware of this, we burden our microcosm, body and energetic radiance, or Aura, with spiritual and religious concepts and theories and thus prevent a connection with the soul. Less theory is More intimacy. This site and blog is about restoring an intimate spiritual Soul relationship. The spiritual Soul is the direct cause of our existence.

An intimate Soul relationship makes an intuitive relationship with other souls and Soul collaboration in the Over-Soul possible.

Welcome to this site and blog about the spirituality of the Soul in the Aquarius era. Spirituality of the Soul takes place on a transcendent level and is at the service of the Soul itself and of the Over-Soul, the Soul of all people. The foundation of all Soul work is an intimate spiritual Soul relationship!

In the Aquarius era, the spirituality of the Soul is group related. The group can develop into a true Soul Collective in which the Whole is more than the sum of its parts; individual Souls scattered throughout the planet, then function as One Soul entity. On Soul ‘level’ each individual Soul is in an intimate Soul relationship with his or her own Soul. On a personal level Souls are in close contact with each other via the internet.

Due to the specific qualities and characteristics of the Soul, true Soul collaboration is functional on a global scale and is transcendent in nature. The Soul and Over-Soul are in fact one and the same; intimate Soul relationship equals an intimate relationship with the Over-Soul.


Spiritual development is a progression of personal development; working on inner silence and inner space through practicing a meditative attention in every moment. The aim of spiritual development is to gain an intimate Soul relationship.

Enlightenment is a state of an expanded awareness of self in both day – and nighttime and enables to proceed on the spiritual Path. The aim of the Path is liberation of the Soul from the Matrix reality.

In Lexicon you can find descriptions of spiritual concepts used on this site.

On the spiritual blog page a monthly article is published about spiritual intimacy, intuition and becoming aware of the transcendent Soul.


Spiritual Statements on the spiritual Soul and on the Soul’s Path.

The universal Soul is not bound by time and space and these Soul conditions have two important spiritual implications:

All our transcendental, mystic, spiritual or religious experiences (including astral travels) are personal and happen within our own microcosm, our individual personalized universe.

And by the process of universalization (by following the Path) together Souls can tune in, align and in spiritual/energetic sense function as ONE greater soul being. Spiritual Service in global group-formation offers unprecedented spiritual energetic opportunities for the Soul.


The Soul’s Path

The Path is universal.

The authentic universal Spiritual Path aims at liberation of the soul from the gravitational forces of the Matrix grid through getting hold of inner silence and inner space and a focus on the universal Spirit.

Society (the Matrix reality or World) and Creation are two different matters. The Matrix is a by man created and cultivated living environment; in energetic sense the Matrix is originated by and loaded with exclusively human concepts (ideas and images). The Matrix is within man unto the deepest psychological layers. Where man goes the Matrix is; she is overall on all continents.

The Matrix reality is a conditional living world. It is a loaded energetic grid and contains all the unspoken norms and values, especially religious and spiritual, in a culture where all people are supposed to and where most people remember each other to those appointments. The grid is invisible but forms by its ‘properties’ an unmistakable ‘grip’ on the Soul.

The Path of the Soul is the last stage of the process of universalization of the personal energetic contents of the microcosm and is pure an inner Soul-personality affair.

The last stage of the universalization process consists of recognizing and passing the last Soul-reconnecting prohibiting obstacle: the artificial Ego.

The artificial Ego consists of one or more internal ‘images’, Archetypes, containing profound emotional meanings and statuses that mostly we hold very dear and are attached to. The artificial Ego is deeply connected within primal parts of our psyche.

Identification with the artificial Ego forms the deepest root in the Matrix Field.

Enlightenment is a state of an extended awareness of self in both the daily consciousness and in the subconsciousness during nighttime and enables to proceed on the Path.

Following the Path activates intuitive senses and opens internal communicative telepathic channels.

Incarnation, the Soul descending in the physical plane, is a process (and not a single event of birth). Incarnation is an ongoing process of attraction and assimilation of energies and leads from sheer subtle energy (a thought) to the manifestation in physical form. Following the Path is a highly intuitive creative process of continuing energetic transcendent incarnation.


The transcendental (immaterial) qualities of the universal Soul

The Soul is an ultimate subtle energetic field, a life-giving and highly impersonal transcendental part of our whole being.

The Soul has no self-awareness. Soul consciousness is an expanded perception and awareness of the microcosmic personality that has aligned itself with the soul. Soul consciousness may spread to on a global scale.

The intuitive senses, inner hearing, – seeing, – sensing, – ‘knowing’ and even inner tasting and – smelling are the ‘senses’ of the soul they are the intermediary communicative means between the soul and (the awareness of) the personality and serve intuitive communication through the heart center; (the awareness in) the heart center is the connecting point with (the consciousness of) the Soul.

Soul qualities come to life through Universal Energy of Spiritual Life, Kundalini.

Universal Energy of Life is within and around all there is and in all that lives en moves. It is an ultimate subtle form of electricity and has three specific qualities:

Maintaining and healing qualities within the energetic (chakra) system of the physical body.

Initiating qualities. Universal Energy of Life initiates Universal Energy of Spiritual Life. This initiation may be experienced as a moment of Spiritual Enlightenment, immediate insight and understanding.

Conducting qualities: Universal Energy of Spiritual Life conducts intuitive communication like intuition and telepathy.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, the Over-Soul or Group-Field

The individual Soul and the group Soul,  the “Over Soul”, is one and the same energetic (group) Field. Within the Spiritual Unity of the Over-Soul the (individual) Soul is a sovereign entity: conscious of Soul-consciousness and conscious of: to be an individual, yet assimilated part (Soul field) of the Over-Soul.

Intuitive communication, telepathy, is an exclusively internal Soul communication.

Telepathic inter-Soul-connectivity is an expression of the Spiritual Unity. It is spontaneous, immediate, unconditional and impersonal and flows through love and from freedom and individuality within the Fellowship.

Telepathic inter-Soul-connectivity originates from the progressing reconnection with our own Soul and is a natural development; it cannot be forced on or cultivated.

Global encompassing telepathic inter-Soul-communication takes place in the universal energetic group Field of Spiritual Unity that is situated outside the Matrix grid.

The group Field has always existed. New is that the group Field has revealed Itself through global telepathic communication between Souls on either side of the planet.

Intuitively (telepathically) the group Field can be perceived as an active dynamic transcendental energetic Field.

Energetic surrendering to the Field, and conscious cooperation (participation) in and with the Field’s energetic capacities enables the Soul to find Liberation from the Matrix.


This site is related to Universal Soul Interconnectivity and Spirituele Transparantie in Dutch.

Kirsten de Groot –  2018 – 2020